KBS Representatives Give Statement Regarding Broadcast Of NCT Jaehyun’s K-Drama, “Dear M” In 2022

Here’s the entire timeline of the drama’s multiple postponements.

Previously, it was reported that NCT‘s Jaehyun would be making his first acting debut with K-Drama, Dear M. Many fans had been ardently looking forward to the drama, given that it would be his first challenge at acting and at a romantic role.

Originally filmed at teased in late 2020, the drama dropped it’s first teaser in January 2021. It was slated for an air in February 2021, coinciding with the Valentine’s day season. However, it was pushed back due to co-star Park Hye Su‘s bullying controversy.

Dear M tried to secure a later airing slot in August 2021, but with the continuing investigations for Park Hye Su’s scandal, they had to shelve plans once again. Fans got excited when Dear M suddenly appeared on OTT platform, iQiyi’s homepage. However, no news of the show actually airing was given.

Finally, as Park Hye Su’s name was cleared by Dispatch, it seems that the drama might see the light again. However, the police investigations are still ongoing. But in 2022 January, KBS representatives gave a statement that disappointed fans once more.

Firstly, it’s going to be hard to air it in the first half of 2022. The results of the police investigation needs to be out for us to discuss the broadcast.

— KBS Representative

As such, it is likely that the show will be postponed once more, even over a year since filming. Will it ever be aired?

Dear M is a romance drama about college students. Jaehyun plays Cha Minho, a handsome and studious student who is best friends with Ma Joo A, played by Park Hye Su. One day, the campus is turned upside down with an anonymous confession on a social media page.

Source: Star MT