Dispatch Reveals Park Hye Su’s Accusers Are Lying About Their Claims, Shares Text Messages Showing Their Friendship With The Actress

Dispatch revealed their text messages.

Dispatch revealed a series of text messages and interviews that support the claims that the bullying accusations against Park Hye Su are indeed false. The newly released evidence suggests that the two accusers were actually Park Hye Su’s friends, or at least acquaintances, during middle school.

Dispatch began by pointing out that only the two netizens have so far accused Park Hye Su of school bullying and violence exist, and the authenticity of these claims can’t be verified. This may be the case as the alleged incidents occurred 10 years ago. To further investigate these claims, Dispatch met with students who graduated from Daecheong Middle School and also obtained Park Hye Su’s cell phone records. The actress’s phone records revealed text messages between the accusers and her.

Top: Park Hye Su with “A” at a study vacation. Bottom: Park Hye Su with “B” at a karaoke room.

First, Dispatch started with netizen “A”, who identified themselves as a student of Daecheong Middle School and claimed Park Hye Su would often hit her on the head. “A” also claimed Park Hye Su would swear at other students and pit students against each other.

“A” was a classmate of Park Hye Su’s, despite being about a year younger. Park Hye Su was born in 1994 and “A” born in 1996. Park Hye Su had to transfer into Daecheong Middle School a year behind after her study abroad wasn’t credited by her new school. According to “A”, she was assaulted by Park Hye Su in 9th grade, a year after Hye Su transferred. Dispatch secured some text messages between Park Hye Su and “A” from 2010, and the contents appeared to be friendly as “A” complimented Hye Su and wanted to meet up—different from a conversation that would have occurred between a victim and a bully.

“A”: Unnie, did you get a perm?

Park Hye Su: I’m so screwed. It looks so much like a bob-cut.

“A”: But you know, unnie… Whatever you do, you look pretty ^^

Park Hye Su: >_< Kya. Stop it. You’re making me shy.

“A”: ㅋㅋㅋ Show me your hair later.

Dispatch stated that while these messages are not evidence that the alleged assault is false, it can be seen from the messages that “A” and Park Hye Su were quite close. Their friendship continued on, even after their middle school graduation. In 2011, “A” and Park Hye Su went to different high schools. Park Hye Su enrolled in Eunkwang Girl’s High School, while “A” moved to a different area.

“A”: Unnie. Are you done with your exam?

Park Hye Su: I have Monday’s exam still ㅜㅜ

“A”: So you can’t hang out ㅠㅠ??

Park Hye Su: I’m just going to karaoke with XX (another student). Why, what are you doing~~

“A”: Heol. I also wanna go to karaoke.. I finished my exams today, so I’m going to Daechi-dong!!

Park Hye Su: What time are you coming??

“A”: I’ll let you know later~~

Even after graduating high school, “A” and Park Hye Su would message each other on occasion. “A” would ask to meet up and was very excited to hang out together.

“A”: Unnie, let’s meet up soon.

Park Hye Su: Okay. Let me know when you come to Daechi-dong.

“A”: I can stay over, right? ><

Park Hye Su: Ehhh I don’t know about that ㅎㅎㅎ It depends on the situation

“A”: Ahhhh ㅠㅠ But then we can’t hang out until late.

Park Hye Su: There’s so many others that can do that for you~ Isn’t there someone who can let you stay over?

“A”: Well… I guess. But I want to hang out with you!

When Park Hye Su appeared on K-Pop Star 4 in late 2014, “A” continued to show her support.

“A”: Unnie!!! How’s K-Pop Star going?

Park Hye Su: What do you mean??

“A”: Are you doing well!!??

“A”: I saw up to the part where you made a phone call during broadcast~

Park Hye Su: Ah yeah, it’s only been aired up to that part so far!!

“A”: You sing really damn well…

“A”: Let’s go for 1st place

Park Hye Su: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I can’t win ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Park Hye Su: There are so many people who are goodㅜㅜ

“A”: That might be true, but you are also good. Don’t lose hope, do your best, and it would be nice if you could get 1st place.

Park Hye Su: Thanks XX (“A’s” name) ㅎㅎㅎ

Dispatch was also able to meet with classmate “K” who witnessed the alleged assault between “A” and Park Hye Su. “K” stated that it was a simple fight that is common between middle school girls.

“A” was hit by Park Hye Su? That’s funny. They were always close, but they had a misunderstanding. They started fighting that day while talking to each other, but I don’t remember who grabbed whose head first. Hye Su got pushed up against a wall, hit a locker, and got a nosebleed. I took Hye Su to the nurse’s office. It’s not true that “A” was the only person who was hit.

The two reconciled a few days later. “A” liked calling out, ‘Hye Su unnie.’

— Former classmate “K”

“A” also sent Park Hye Su a letter for her birthday in 2011, after graduating middle school.

To Hye Su unnie~❤️

Unnie, hi? It’s “A”. Today is my Hye Su unnie’s birthday ^.^

Happy birthday~~!! Unnie, you’re already 18? Wow… You’re old…

ㅋㅋㅋ I’m just joking but why do you look younger each year???

You are the envy of all of the “bagel” girls… I’m jealous… ㅠ.ㅠ

It’s been almost 2 years since we first met in 9th grade. We’ve known each other for 2 years! Hoo… ㅋ

But why is it so hard to see your face now.. ㅠㅠ?? We can’t hang out or meet up or chat much, you don’t answer the phone, or send texts…

I’m so disappointed in you!!!!! I’m hurt ㅠ.ㅠ

I miss you… ㅠ.ㅠ When can we meet!!!!

We can meet today~ right…?

Are you having a hard time studying these days..??ㅠㅠ

I gave up. You have to keep studying hard and get into Seoul University, that would be nice…

Fighting!! Even if it’s hard, cheer up!! I will be cheering for you from behind and from right beside you!!

And there’s me, me, and me!! Right? ㅋㅋ

But don’t just study…ㅠㅠ Play a little too.. It’s not good if you only study.. ㅠㅠ

Play with me a bit~~!!!! Since it’s your birthday, let’s have a drink!ㅋㅋ

I mean of water.. ㅎㅎ ah.. I feel so excited thinking of you.. ㅎㅎ

If I can’t see you today, this letter will be out, and you will be out too.

I’m going all the way to Daechi-dong to see you, even though my exams are in one week, I really hope I can see you.. ㅠ

Unnie, really really, happy birthday!

I want to see your face more often ㅠ.ㅠ

I love you~

Happy Birthday to you~

— “A’s” letter to Park Hye Su

Finally, on January 23, 2015, “A” sent a message of support to Park Hye Su.

Unnie, I’m so proud of you. I’m watching K-Pop Star after my interview, and you’re the best, better than anyone else.

— “A”

Since the post, Dispatch has tried to get in contact with “A” through private messages on social media but has not received a response. “A” has erased all of their past social media posts.

Another person, “B”, identifying themselves as a victim of Park Hye Su’s alleged violence claimed Park Hye Su even swore at her father. Dispatch analyzed some of the text messages between “B” and Park Hye Su and did not discover any abusive language. Text messages that could relate to the bullying at the karaoke room could not be restored, but a few messages sent by Park Hye Su to “B” in August 2010 were recovered.

Park Hye Su: I’m going to the study room again today~ Did you talk with your grandmother?

Park Hye Su: Should I bring my 8th grade history or social studies book and go? Do you want to study together?

Park Hye Su: Ah. I have academy classes until 7:20ㅜㅜ

Park Hye Su: Then do you want to go to the study room after I’m done with class?

A minor misunderstanding could have led to the start of disagreements between “B” and Park Hye Su.

“B”: We were supposed to go to the study room, and then go to karaoke after with the others.

“B”: But you didn’t let us know, and went to karaoke with another group instead?

“B”: I was worried about you and texted you.

“B”: But you ignored me, and just talked to someone else instead.

Park Hye Su: That’s not what happened. My phone was off, and when I turned it on when I got home

Park Hye Su: The other [friends] told me they were waiting for me so I went to (karaoke) with them.

Park Hye Su: I’m very sorry about what happened earlier. I wasn’t in my right mind because of XX (another student).

Dispatch pointed out that “B” did not refer to Park Hye Su as unnie, but instead called her “Hye Su-ya”. However, Dispatch also stated that it isn’t possible to conclude the type of relationship “B” and Park Hye Su had just from these messages. Dispatch has requested a second analysis on their past messages.

Based on what “B” stated in her previous post, claiming she was hit in front of 20 students, Dispatch went out to try and interview some of the people who were present. They were able to get in contact with four individuals who were present at the time of the alleged incident. Based on their statements, Dispatch concluded four things:

  1. Park Hye Su was not in the karaoke room.
  2. Student “C” was the one who committed the assault.
  3. Park Hye Su joined the group when they were at the playground.
  4. Male student “D” committed the assault at the playground.

Specifically, two of the individuals stated that the assault at the playground was led by a boy, not a girl. One individual also stated that “B” and “D” reconciled shortly after the playground incident, and the two even posted pictures together on social media.

Dispatch was also able to meet with several students who attended Jangpyeong Middle School with Park Hye Su in 7th grade. Park Hye Su attended the school for over a year before going to the United States to study abroad. These students all stated that Park Hye Su was a victim of bullying at Daecheong Middle School.

While I was eating, I got a call from Hye Su. She was so embarrassed that someone flipped over her tray on purpose while she was eating lunch. The friends who were eating lunch with me will remember, since I turned on the speakerphone and they could hear her voice.

— Jangpyeong Middle School student “M”

[Hye Su] had a hard time when she first entered Daecheong Middle School. She called me a lot while crying. She was discriminated against and told she has a ‘Gangbuk-smell’. (Gangbuk is an area of northern Seoul, by the mountains)

I was the vice president of the class during 2nd semester of 7th grade. She was popular with the students. She never went through anything like this at [Jangpyeong]. She would often come up to Jangam-dong, where she originally lived, because she had a hard time adjusting to Daecheong Middle School.

— Jangpyeong Middle School student “S”

In the end, Dispatch has attempted to reach out to both “A” and “B” to get their thoughts on the situation, but neither has accepted Dispatch’s requests for an interview.

Source: Dispatch

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