NCT’s Jaehyun Impresses With His Heartbreaking Acting On “Dear.M”

Viewers are already in their feels over his character’s heartbreak.

NCT‘s Jaehyun marked his acting debut in the upcoming drama Dear.M. Since his co-star Park Hye Soo previously praised Jaehyun’s acting while preparing for its release, it raised the anticipation even higher.

Though it hasn’t yet aired, Jaehyun is already impressing viewers with his skills in the new teaser.

The beginning of the teaser introduced a love triangle concerning Jaehyun’s character Cha Min Ho, Park Hye Soo’s character Ma Joo Ah, and another male classmate. That alone already had viewers on guard for the heartbreak it would cause.

When Jaehyun’s character caught a glimpse of the two together, the look of annoyance was so natural that many could instantly relate to the feeling.

Even when Jaehyun and Park Hye Soo’s characters were alone together, the heartbreaking look on Jaehyun’s face expressed all the feelings of his character’s unrequited love that he’d bottled up.

Despite those touching moments of sadness, Jaehyun was also able to pull off happier scenes, preparing viewers for all the ups and downs they’ll be sticking around for.

Fortunately, the drama’s premiere is only a month away, on February 26.

If Jaehyun’s acting was impressive just from the teaser, viewers are in for a treat. Check out Jaehyun’s naturalness in taking on his first role here.