NCT Jaehyun’s Co-Star Park Hye Soo From “Dear.M” Speaks On His Acting Skills

She shared what to look forward to from actor Jaehyun.

Not too long ago, NCT‘s Jaehyun was confirmed to make his acting debut through Dear.M, an upcoming drama part of the popular Love Playlist series. While Jaehyun will play a charming college student studying computer engineering, Park Hye Soo‘s character will be by his side as his best friend.

Since the cast and staff have begun production on the drama, Park Hye Soo opened up about what it’s been like to work with the idol and spoke on his acting skills.

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During a recent interview, Park Hye Soo talked about preparing for Dear.M and couldn’t forget to mention her co-star. She revealed that Jaehyun was treating his role with the care and attention it needed, “Jaehyun is really serious about his acting.

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She’d been impressed with how well Jaehyun was able to juggle all of his responsibilities while improving his skills as an actor. “He must be really busy with his schedules, but when I see him while practicing the script, I can see he prepared a lot.

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In fact, Park Hye Soo revealed that Jaehyun’s dedication to his role inspired her to put extra effort into her own. “He also thinks a lot about his character, so I was motivated to work harder.

If Jaehyun has Park Hye Soo—who’s been on screen for over five years—say such positive things about his acting, the drama will definitely be one to look forward to. Everyone will have to wait until next year to tune in and see.

Source: Naver