11 Times Sunmi Had The Most Creative And Unique Makeup Looks

Sunmi is such a creative queen!

Sunmi is a gorgeous woman, who knows exactly how to express herself with her beautiful and innovative makeup looks! Here are 11 times Sunmi flaunted her unique makeup looks, and absolutely slayed with her visuals!

1. These looks she did for SURE magazine are so innovative and pretty!


2. This shimmery blue-pink eyeshadow makes her eyes pop!


3. This colorful look for “LALALAY” was such a serve!


4. This natural based makeup is so alluring!


5. Another one for her colorful eyeshadow!


6. Her green eyeliner is everything!


7. But pink eyeliner on Sunmi is gorgeous, too!


8. This dark makeup looks amazing on Sunmi!


9. The pink hearts on her cheeks are so cute!


10. This sparkly look is beautiful!


11. This yellow eyeshadow look is a win!