11+ Unwhitewashed Photos Of TWICE’s Jihyo That Show What She Looks Like In Real Life

Jihyo is naturally gorgeous.

Whitewashing is a common occurrence in photos of K-Pop idols, in both fan-taken pictures and official images. With pale skin being a “standard” of beauty in South Korea, many idols’ true skin tones are hidden behind shopped images. Luckily for fans of TWICE‘s Jihyo, there are many images showing off her beautiful, unwhitewashed skin.

Here are some official and fan-taken photos that show off Jihyo’s natural skin and what she really looks like in real life!

1. Beautiful in White

White is truly Jihyo’s color, and she always looks gorgeous in the color!

2. Gorgeous in Yellow

Yellow is another color she looks beautiful in!

3. Always Airport Ready

4. Vacation Mode

A well-rested and natural Jihyo is the best!

| @_zyozyo/Instagram

5. She really shines in concert photos!

6. Gorgeous Upclose Shots

Seeing Jihyo up close would be a dream come true!

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