Here Are 10+ Bits And Pieces Of Information You Didn’t Know About BTS, As Revealed By The Members

Like, “What does Jungkook have to have in his fridge?”

In a newly uploaded video on BANGTANTV‘s YouTube channel, BTS challenged themselves to a 7-Second Interview — in which the members tried to answer various questions about themselves and the new album in less than 7 seconds. Here are bits and pieces of information you probably didn’t know, as revealed by BTS in this fun interview!

1. Jimin is 2…6?

As he tried to introduce himself at the beginning of the interview, Jimin went through a brief second of panic realizing he does not know how old he is. Jimin is, apparently, twenty…. six?

2. V is a swan, officially.

When asked to pick a concept that fits him the best, V picked the swan concept — both black and white!

3. The window-wiping dance is not the main choreography in RM’s book.

All of the members except RM picked the “window-wiping” dance move as the main choreography for “ON”. RM believed this to be it.

4. “Wassup…?”

When Jin was asked to share the newest “hipster” slang he picked up, he threw everyone back to 2001 with his smol “Wassup…?”

5. Milk, soda, and eggs

Jungkook always keeps his fridge stocked with milk, soda pop, and eggs.

6. Kimchi?

Suga, on the other hand, needs his kimchi in the fridge.

7. Jimin’s favorite hair color is…

When asked to pick a favorite hair color out of all the hair colors he has tried so far, Jimin commented that he usually likes best the hair color he is wearing at the time.

8. Jungkook had a really good bowl of rice cake and dumpling soup recently.

When Jungkook had to pick one menu to eat everyday for a month, he failed to choose… but then remembered this killer bowl of rice cake and dumpling soup he had recently.

9. Jin likes April.

Jin’s favorite month in a year is April, because it is “warm and nice.”

10. Suga was not happy with “ON” until he heard “ON”.

Suga quoted, “I was not too satisfied with the song before the melody came through. After we worked on the melody though, I fell in love with it.”

11. J-Hope struggled with the choreography.

When asked to pick a member who struggled the most with learning the choreography for “ON”, J-Hope picked himself. He added, “Jin and RM learned so quickly this time.”

12. Here’s what BTS want to hear from ARMYs in particular:

If there is one thing that all 7 of BTS members want to hear from ARMYs, it is that “Stanning BTS are worth their time.” It seems, for BTS, ARMYs’ happiness is still their #1 priority!

Watch the full clip here: