10+ Most Insane Rumors Ever Spread About EXO

While some of these rumors have been debunked, some still remain a mystery to this day!

1. Suho is bullied by Kai

A post on the Korean online community Pann showed GIFs “revealing” Suho was being bullied by Kai. In one of these GIFs, Kai watches Suho’s salute to his fans and the camera and imitates his while laughing, according to the poster.

In other GIFs, Kai was apparently pushing Suho away and brushing him off his shoulders.

After looking into the context of the GIFs, it seemed pretty clear that the two EXO members were simply joking around in most of the GIFs and the other situations were just a misunderstood. In Suho’s saluting GIF, for example, Kai was apparently asking Sehun why Suho was saluting, he was not mocking him.


2. Tao was bullied by EXO

GIFs and images were presented to “prove” that Tao was bullied by the EXO members after some fans had suggested that it could be one of the reasons for Tao’s departure from EXO.

Similar to the Suho bullying rumors, however, it is difficult to come to conclusions with photos and GIFs without knowing the proper context.


3. Kai was suffering from the side effects of plastic surgery

Netizens from Pann had also once claimed that Kai had gotten a re-surgery on his right eye and was suffering from the side effects such as bruising as a result.

While some netizens believed that Kai was a plastic surgery addict due to the claim, many others also brushed off the rumor clarifying that the singer had an eye infection.


4. Suho is in a relationship with TWICE’s Nayeon

Nayeon was once seen on television with a carrot-shaped pouch as she was showing her lipstick collection.

This pouch, however, was apparently specially made by EXO fans for the Suho doll.

Fan-made items such as these pouches are sold by fans and are frequently given the appropriate idol as gifts as well. As a result, people suspected that either EXO fans had given it directly to Nayeon or Suho had received it from his fans and given it to Nayeon himself. And that’s how Suho and Nayeon’s dating rumors began! Of course, nothing has been confirmed.


5. D.O. is in a relationship with Girl’s Day’s Sojin

These two idols have been rumored to be in a relationship due to photos, similar accessories and other questionable episodes. Sojin was attacked by EXO fans for her nail art design and forced to make her Instagram private due to the backlash. The nail art had “I<3DO” on it.

One of the photos provided as “evidence” of their relationship in which Sojin appeared to be with a man who looked like D.O. turned out to be a case of mistaken identities.


6. Xiumin got double eyelid surgery

Some photos of Xiumin with double eyelids have led to rumors that he had gotten plastic surgery to make them.

Fans clarified that his eyes had folded temporarily because he was extremely tired.


7. D.O. and Red Velvet’s Irene are in a relationship

D.O. and Irene’s dating rumors started with a photo of D.O. holding Irene’s wrist and a post titled “Irene and D.O. admits to dating…intimate skinship today’s their first day”. According to netizens, D.O. was just being a gentleman and holding Irene to prevent her from falling.


8. Chanyeol and Red Velvet’s Joy are in a relationship

These two were rumored to be in a relationship due to an interaction at an SM Town Concert. According to the author of the post, Chanyeol seemed to be bothered by what was going on between Heechul and Joy. Heechul was apparently teasing Joy about something. He later went over to them to find out for himself. This was evidence enough for some to believe they are dating… apparently.


9. Suho’s father is pro-Japanese

The author of an online post labeled Suho’s father “pro-Japanese (친일파)” (a negative term used for those who went against the Korean people and independence movements during the Japanese colonial era). Suho’s father, a university professor, filed a lawsuit against the author who spread the rumor for defamation of character. Eventually, the author sent an official apology to Suho and his father for spreading the rumor.


10. Lay is homophobic

In an interview, EXO members described which member would be their ideal type if they were women. Then Lay clarified that they were very normal “real men” and asked viewers not to misunderstand. Some people cited this clip as an example of Lay’s “homophobia” while others claimed he had just chosen his words poorly.


11. Lay is dating Lee Soo Man

There seems to have been rumors of Lay dating Lee Soo Man, founder of SM Entertainment. Although reasons for this rumor are unclear, the rumors are most likely based on the great respect Lay has for Lee Soo Man.


12. Sehun got into a car accident with his girlfriend after having a drink

One netizen claimed to have witnessed Sehun getting into a car accident with his girlfriend while he was under the influence of alcohol. The video uploaded by the netizen shows the silhouette of a man and woman apparently offering to pay the other party approximately $5,000 for the damage. Fans were quick to point out that Tte man in the video does not appear to be drunk and it is impossible to tell whether the person is even Sehun due to the lighting and low-quality video.

Source: Pann Choa, Pann Nate, Onehallyu and Pann Nate