12 Dangerously Sexy Times BTS’s J-Hope Wore Glasses And Slayed Us All

Let us give a moment of silence for all J-Hope stans who saw #10.

ARMYs know that BTS‘s J-Hope is undoubtedly one of the fashionistas of the group.

After all, J-Hope has been known to wear trendy airports during his airport fashion “photo-shoots”…

…and he loves mixing and matching his clothes in order to keep up with the current trends in fashion.


Because of J-Hope’s sense of style, it’s only natural for him to experiment with his looks by trying out different accessories — and for today’s list, it’s all about J-Hope and his love for his sunglasses.

Here are 12 delightful moments when he wore glasses and slayed everyone — and it’s dangerously sexy, so if you’re a J-Hope stan, please, it’s not too late to turn around and look for other J-Hope-centered articles instead. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

1. Wearing a casual hoodie with matching glasses? Ultimate boyfriend look right here

2. He’s literally shining

3. Meet Jung Hoseok: dancer by day, intellectual by night

4. J-Hope’s duality hits different when he’s wearing glasses

5. A plain black shirt with black glasses is such a boy-next-door look and we’re all here for it

6. Round glasses transform J-Hope into his alter-ego “Hobi”

7. Rose-tinted sunglasses to make your day a little bit brighter today

8. He knows exactly what he’s doing when he’s adding glasses to his outfits…


9. Nothing’s definite yet…

…but rumors say that heaven’s missing one of its angels…

…and this is exactly what he looks like.

10. Round glasses or square-shaped? Either way, he looks swag AF

11. His pair of shades is also very useful in enhancing his jawline

12. Now that you’re at the end of the list, answer him…

…were you able to survive? Here’s the killing blow, featuring J-Hope’s dimples, too.

J-Hope doesn’t just look sexy because of his enhanced visuals when he’s wearing glasses — he looks amazing naturally because of his sharp jawline, too. Check out these thirst tweets by ARMYs to find out exactly what they think of J-Hope’s jawline:

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