ARMYs Are Unbelievably Hungry And Thirsty For BTS’s J-Hope’s Sharp Jawline — Here Are 15 Receipts, Your Honor

Do you agree with #15?

BTS‘s J-Hope, also known by his real name Hoseok, is capturing the hearts of millions of ARMYs worldwide because of three things:

First, his bright personality encourages him to act as the group’s mood-maker whenever BTS has interviews or broadcasts that need a lighthearted mood.

Second, his amazing dance moves have earned him the title of BTS’s dancing machine. Simply put, watching him dance is like watching art in motion — perfect.

And finally, his sharp jawline is one trademark of J-Hope. Its sharpness just adds to his sexiness, and here are 15 thirst tweets of ARMYs specifically dedicated to its beauty.

1. Everyone asked, so he always delivered

2. You do you, sis

3. When the gods gave side profile to humans, only J-Hope was awake

4. And then, what, ARMYs?

5. Sharper than a pointy knife

6. It should always be appreciated, of course

7. Sure, J-Hope likes to be called pretty, after all

 8. Raise your hands if you would do the same

9. ARMYs who are J-Hope stans have no weakness, except for this:

10. The audacity of this man to show us his perfection

11. No one can help you now

12. You shouldn’t attack defenseless ARMYs, J-Hope

13. At least you passed doing what you loved — admiring J-Hope’s jawline?

14. Yes, and that’s on periodt

15. I mean, it’s already sharp enough, so why not?

BTS’s sharp jawline isn’t the only thing that attracts ARMYs — it’s his honest reactions, too. Check out his honest answer to a fan’s question in the next article below and find out if he’s really being truthful or not.

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