BTS’s J-Hope’s Answer To A Fan’s Question Broke The Internet And Made ARMYs Question If He’s Being “Truthful”

J-Hope says it’s not true — do you believe him?

The boys of BTS have special spots in their hearts for their little flurry babies. Take BTS‘s pet dog named Mickey, for example.

J-Hope loves his adorable Shih Tzu so much that he always takes time to buy him cute clothes and trendy outfits so Mickey can keep up with the latest in dog fashion.

Even though Mickey’s such a cute puppy with effortless aegyo, ARMYs couldn’t help but tease him because he looks so relatable when his picture is taken and he’s caught off-guard.


ARMYs took their playful teasing to another level when they jokingly asked J-Hope on his live broadcast if it’s true that Mickey only smiles whenever he’s with J-Hope’s sister.

No, Mickey smiles when he’s with me, too.

– J-Hope

ARMYs responded by playfully calling out J-Hope and showing some of the “receipts” they’ve found about this matter.

You can also check out how Mickey responds whenever J-Hope is playing with him. Sometimes, he prefers to play with his toys by himself…

…while other times, Mickey responds to J-Hope’s loving touch.

And even though sometimes, Mickey may not be in the mood to play with J-Hope…

…the truth is, this enchanting puppy also brings out his biggest smile whenever he’s with bright J-Hope. Maybe sometimes, he’s just pouting because his “dad” may be too busy working to play with him?

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