BTS’s J-Hope Felt Comfortable Enough To Show Off His English Skills, And ARMYs Couldn’t Be Prouder Of Him

J-Hope’s English has gotten so good now. Wait, we’re not crying…you are.

Ever since BTS‘s J-Hope looked like he was ready to throw hands at their translator who wasn’t doing his job during an interview…

…his resolve to learn English and actually become fluent in it has been stronger than ever.

J-Hope’s motivation to learn English all started because he wanted to become a better member who can show his support to their leader RM.

For J-Hope, he wants to relieve some of RM’s burden, so he started to learn English and focus his efforts into becoming fluent in the language.

Now, J-Hope is one of BTS’s English-speaking members. He has transformed wonderfully from playfully saying “dirty water” to Jimin

…to actually successfully conducting himself in English interviews and asking people to respect their boundaries as they’re on an “important business”. What an admirable man, indeed!

Naturally, ARMYs worldwide couldn’t help but feel proud of J-Hope, so they turned to Twitter to express their delight. Check out these adorable tweets below and get ready to get soft for J-Hope, too.

1. Everything in this moment is 100%

2. How far he’s come now

3. Inventing English since 2013

4. The level of fluency, can you believe it?

5. J-Hope is really a hard worker and it shows

6. Meet BTS’s new “English King”

7. J-Hope’s personality is the same, regardless of what language he uses

8. The key to improvement

9. Give this boy an award

10. J-Hope loves all ARMYs worldwide

11. How adorable was this when he momentarily forgot how good he was?

12. BRB, Googling “Jacob”‘s latest dance videos

13. He talked like a native speaker indeed

14. Remember this very relatable moment?

15. J-Hope really deserves the world

16. Smooth criminal

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