ARMYs Absolutely Agree That BTS’s Jungkook Looks Good Even Without Makeup On — Here Are 15 Receipts, Your Honor

If you think Jungkook’s bare face is the best, then you clearly haven’t seen #4 yet.

BTS‘s Jungkook broke the Internet once again when he posted a video of him singing Lauv‘s song, “Never Not” on the group’s official Twitter account.

ARMYs loved Jungkook’s honey voice.

And together with the fact that Jungkook felt comfortable enough to show his tattoos on camera, ARMYs all over the world couldn’t get over how perfect his video is.

Another element that ARMYs pointed out in his latest video? It’s about how Jungkook looked good even when he wasn’t wearing any makeup, of course.

This video sparked the conviction that Jungkook really has perfect visuals: he looks amazing with or without makeup on. And here are 15 pieces of “evidence” you can browse through, your honor.

1. Can’t get enough of it

2. He doesn’t need to apologize for it

3. This is what art looks like

4. Bare face and forehead? It’s your lucky day

5. The gorgeousness in his photos are 100%

6. #hewokeuplikethis

7. Such an inspirational idol

8. Beach aesthetic, anyone?

9. His smile is his best accessory

10. Perfection

11. Warning: fluttering of hearts may occur

12. It hits different when he smiles like this

13. Such a pretty human

14. No offense taken

15. Jungkook’s beauty? The limit does not exist

Now that you’ve seen Jungkook’s glorious bare face, why don’t you check out his latest tattoos? He felt comfortable enough to show them in the next article below:

BTS’s Jungkook Felt Comfortable Enough To Show His Tattoos, And ARMYs Felt Extremely Soft And Thirsty At The Same Time