BTS’s Jungkook Felt Comfortable Enough To Show His Tattoos, And ARMYs Felt Extremely Soft And Thirsty At The Same Time

#11 is proof that ARMYs are way too whipped for Jungkook.

It’s been a while since BTS‘s Jungkook posted a video of him covering a song on social media platform Twitter.

Perhaps this is the reason why millions of ARMYs felt extremely overjoyed and enthusiastic when Jungkook made his presence known on social media once again.

Just yesterday, Jungkook posted this tweet on the group’s official account.

As of this writing, the video now has more than 13 million views and counting!

Naturally, ARMYs also took to Twitter to express their loyal love, support and admiration for the group’s “Golden Maknae“…


…especially for the fact that Jungkook felt comfortable enough to share his tattoos with ARMYs all over the world.

Check out the 10+ reaction tweets of the fans to Jungkook’s latest cover: are they soft, thirsty, hungry or all of the above? Read through this list to find out.

1. The Jungkook-deprivation is real

2. His tattoos represent things that matter to him

3. We love a woke nation

4. Such a mood

5. We wonder how many ARMYs survived from this surprise attack?

6. Sometimes, emojis can express your emotions better than words can

7. And that’s on period

8. Don’t touch her, she’s so soft

9. It’s game over for all ARMYs worldwide

10. Jungkook deserves all the love in the world

11. This is what happens when you’re too excited

12. His tattoo sleeve just made millions of hearts flutter

13. Simply fashionable

14. Something to remember for those sad days…

15. This is not a drill, people

16. What is even happening anymore?

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