12 Delightful Times Park Min Young Served Us With Her Ultimate Girlfriend Look

Imagine waking up with #4 as your view in the morning.

Her fans know that Park Min Young has always played the role of the perfect girlfriend in every drama she’s starred in.

From a resourceful journalist who always wants to keep her boyfriend safe…

…to an extremely efficient secretary who loves to take care of her vulnerable CEO boyfriend…

…it’s a given that she’s got girlfriend vibes onscreen. But what about in real life, though?

Well, we may not know for sure as we don’t know her personally, but at least, fans of Park Min Young can tide themselves over with these twelve swoon-worthy girlfriend aesthetics of their favorite Korean actress, right?

1. When you’re treating her to dimsum after work

2. When she’s craving for pizza so you bought her the whole thing

3. When you’re island-hopping during summer

4. When she’s video-calling you right after she woke up

5. When she told you she wants to go on a run but still wants to be pretty for you

6. When you playfully asked her not to smile too much because it may melt the snow

7. When you’re about to go on a romantic boat ride with her

8. When you’re hiking during winter

9. When she’s rehearsing her lines with you

10. When she told you she’s on a diet so she’ll eat salad for now

11. When she wanted to take a rest because her heels were too painful

12. When you’re about to visit the happiest place on Earth

Park Min Young doesn’t just look good on her travel photos — she looks equally gorgeous before even boarding the plane because her airport fashion game is on point! Check out the next article below and get ready to drop your jaws because of her effortless beauty:

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