12 Times Park Min Young Made Our Jaws Drop With Her Effortlessly Gorgeous Visuals And Chic Airport Fashion

Don’t you wish you looked as good as #8, too, after your flight?

Park Min Young is one of the most famous names in the Korean entertainment scene today due to her amazing acting talent and gorgeous visuals.


With her prominent acting roles from a resourceful journalist who’s willing to do anything just to get a scoop…

… to her role as an efficient secretary and loving girlfriend to a tenderhearted CEO…

…Park Min Young proves that her acting style is incredibly versatile.

But did you know that when it comes to her airport fashion, her concept is actually simple?

Effortlessly gorgeous — this is what Park Min Young intends to achieve with her fantastic airport looks every time her photo is taken in the vicinity of the airport.

Does she achieve this look every single time? Check out 12 of her most beautiful airport fashion pictures yet and be the judge yourself. (Spoiler: she does!)

1. Looking dangerously sexy in an all-black outfit

2. Pretty in pink, paired with her perfect smile

3. Casual all-white outfit with a peach lipstick to bring a hint of color and balance everything out

4. Is this a celebrity or an extremely gorgeous “spy”?

5. This must be what angels wear when they land on Earth

6. A combination of simple top with fitted jeans does well in flaunting her nice curves

7. Taking the all-black outfit to the next level by wearing cream-colored sweater for a dash of dainty

8. How could someone look so fresh and well-rested in an airport? Incredible

9. A summer dress wouldn’t be complete without a cup of iced americano, of course

10. Her smile is enough to brighten everyone’s day

11. Her effortlessly beautiful look in this outfit became viral because of how natural and put-together she looked

12. Such an adorable look that only Park Min Young can pull off

Now that you’ve seen Park Min Young’s gorgeous airport fashion, why don’t you go ahead and check out Park Seo Joon‘s stylish airport looks, too? Get fashion inspiration from him by clicking on the next article below:

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