Dreamcatcher’s Dami Is The K-Pop Idol That Fans Most Want To Propose To, And Her Reaction Is Priceless

Dami was totally caught off guard!

Every so often, netizens will battle in polls on K-Pop fandom websites and apps for idol popularity contests.

Sometimes, the contests are general popularity rankings.

Apink takes victory in IdolChamp’s monthly ranking contest in February | @rongleader98/Twitter

Other times, fans will nominate an idol to be given a specific superlative.

NCT 127 and NCT Dream‘s rankings for “The Performance King of K-Pop” May poll on IdolChamp | @SM_ENT/Twitter

These polls are usually just for fun amongst fans; however, idols sometimes get to see the news that they’ve won one of these ranking contests.

Most recently, Dreamcatcher‘s Dami reacted to being crowned a new title on the app IdolChamp.

Dreamcatcher’s Dami | @00ld_ami/Instagram

During Dreamcatcher’s May 16 “Dreamcatcher Note” YouTube vlog, Dami read the news that she was voted as the idol that fans “most want to propose to under the guise of April Fool’s Day”.

With a winning margin of 38,000+ votes out of 88,403, seeing the results sent Dami into total confusion.

She then recalled Dreamcatcher’s May 2 appearance on Idol Radio hosted by Joohoney and Hyungwon of MONSTA X.

Video thumbnail for “EP#73. 장르가 드림캐쳐 (with DREAMCATCHER)” | 아이돌 라디오 [IDOL RADIO]/YouTube
In the video, the Dreamcatcher members gave each other superlatives in a segment titled “Dreamcatcher’s Dream Casting — Ready, Action”.

If Dreamcatcher were to be the stars of a film, Dami was voted as a “character most likely to be popular but doesn’t know it yet”.

So, it’s no surprise that Dami was surprised about her IdolChamp result.

After reading the reason why she was chosen to win, Dami was touched.

Amongst other members in Dreamcatcher who are hyped, she is the one who talks less and is quiet, but she boasts her unrivaled presence on stage with her intense low-tone rapping. Because of this, many call her (DAMI) the heart racer…


She said she’ll try harder in the future to make fans’ hearts race and win twice the number of votes that she received.

As she continues to capture the hearts of InSomnia all over the world, go “heart racer” Dami, go!

If you are interested in seeing more of Dami’s reaction, you can watch Dreamcatcher’s full vlog below.

Source: MBC News

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