According To Netizens These 6 K-Pop Songs Are So Bad, They’re Actually Good

They just can’t stop listening.

While “good” and “bad” are subjective terms, there are some songs that you just don’t like. Whether it’s the music, the lyrics, or the vibe, a song might not be what you consider “good.”  Sometimes though, even when we think a song is “bad,” we can’t help coming back for more.

In no particular order, here are six songs that are so bad, they’re good, according to netizens on Reddit.

1. “Sticker” by NCT 127

“Sticker” has had a split reaction since it was dropped. While its unique composition had some listeners initially hooked on the song, others were left questioning how they felt about it. Even members of NCT 127 were unsure at first. One Reddit user said it best, “You won’t get it on the first listen. And you won’t get it on the second listen. And you also won’t get it on the third listen. But eventually… eventually… you’ll start to understand.” 

2. “Cat & Dog” by TXT

One fan called “Cat & Dog” “addictingly bad” and said, “I hate it but I also love it so much that it is in my top 5 TXT songs list.” Another fan claimed that there was no technical reason to dislike the song, however the lyrics are “cringy.”

Another user had this interesting take.

3. “Jopping” by SuperM

“Jopping” was another song netizens couldn’t resist, despite thinking it was “bad.” One Reddit user said, “I unironically feel cool while listening to it even if it does sounds like an Avengers intro.” 

Another user made note of the lyrics.

4. “Wolf” by Exo

Netizens agree that this song is somewhat “cringe,” but that won’t stop them from listening to this memorable song. One user said that they still “unironically jam to it to this day for the memories.” 

5. “Ring Ding Dong” by SHINee

The list wouldn’t be complete without this iconic song. For many, “Ring Ding Dong” will remain a song that they just can’t stop listening to. It was once even named one of the worst songs to listen to during exam season, because its addictive hook made it impossible to focus on studying.

6. “My Turn” by Cravity

Netizens didn’t have much commentary to add about “My Turn,” but one user eloquently stated…

Are there any more songs you would add to this list?


Source: Reddit

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