The Top 10 Male K-Pop Idols In TC Candler’s “The 100 Most Handsome Faces Of 2022”

Three idols made it in the top ten of TC Candler’s list.

Every year TC Candler compiles a list of the 100 most handsome men, and, per usual, a large number of K-Pop idols are included in the list. Here are the top ten male K-Pop idols included in this year’s list.

10. Taeyong (NCT) – Rank 44

Although NCT‘s Taeyong always works diligently to highlight his members, there’s no denying that Taeyong also leaves a lasting impression on fans with his effortless charisma, insane artistic talents, and breathtaking visuals.

| TC Candler/YouTube

9. Lay (EXO) – Rank 41

EXO‘s Lay has always been renowned for being astoundingly handsome, leaving global fans in awe of his visuals. Of course, Lay’s charisma extends beyond his appearance, as the phenomenally talented idol and actor continues to impress fans with his skills.

| TC Candler/YouTube

8. Jimin (BTS) – Rank 35

BTS‘s Jimin is always heralded for his heavenly vocals and mesmerizing dance, but fans are also always in awe of his handsome visuals. Not only does Jimin have prince-like visuals, but the idol’s sincere personality only makes him more alluring to fans.

| TC Candler/YouTube

7. Zuho (SF9) – Rank 31

SF9‘s Zuho is a new entry on TC Candler’s list. There’s no denying that the incredibly talented idol has not only captivating energy and astounding skill but also that his visuals are also swoon-worthy. Fans especially love watching the idol’s impressive duality on stage, where he always shows off his undeniable charm.

| TC Candler/YouTube

6. Wonho – Rank 25

Whenever Wonho uploads one of his thirst trap pictures, it instantly goes viral. As TC Candler’s caption puts it, in addition to being a talented idol, Wonho is also a “gym-rat” whose dedication to working out has given him the body of a Greek god. His physique, coupled with his kind personality, is enough to drive any fan crazy.

| TC Candler/YouTube

5. Bang Chan (Stray Kids) – Rank 21

Stray KidsBang Chan unsurprisingly makes his second appearance on this list after astounding fans all year with his insane duality and toned figure. Bang Chan is perhaps best known for his artistic genius, but there’s no denying his incredible visuals.

| TC Candler/YouTube

4. Jungkook (BTS) – Rank 11

The golden maknae has understandably appeared on this list for seven years as BTS’s Jungkook always wows fans with his breathtaking visuals. Jungkook never fails to show off his incredible, versatile talents, which only makes his fans’ hearts beat faster.

| TC Candler/YouTube

3. Ni-Ki (ENHYPEN) – Rank 9

As ENHYPEN continues to secure their place as a top K-Pop boy group, Ni-Ki keeps astonishing his fans with his phenomenal dance skill and captivating charms. TC Candler perhaps puts it best by jokingly captioning his picture with “Jump starts ENGENES” (a play on ENHYPEN’s fandom name).

| TC Candler/YouTube

2. V (BTS) – Rank 7

It should be no surprise that one of the most handsome idols in K-Pop appears so high on the list. BTS’s V continually impresses fans with not only his incredible good looks and immense talents but also his genuine personality, making him all the more attractive to fans.

| TC Candler/YouTube

1. Hyunjin (Stray Kids) – Rank 2

The highest-ranking K-Pop idol on this year’s list, Stray Kids’ Hyunjin, made his appearance as number two! Since his debut, Hyunjin has been astounding fans with not only his effortless visuals but his insane stage presence and incredible dancing.

| TC Candler/YouTube

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Here Are The Top 10 Male K-Pop Idols On TC Candler’s “100 Most Handsome Faces of 2021”

Source: TC Candler

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