Here Are The Top 10 Male K-Pop Idols On TC Candler’s “100 Most Handsome Faces of 2021”

The captions for each idol are alone worth reading for!

There is no denying that every K-Pop idol has unique visuals and charms that make them popular with fans. With everyone’s different opinions, it seems impossible to rank male idols because they are all handsome in each way.

Each year, TC Candler compiles a list of the top 100 most handsome men. As expected, a huge number of K-Pop idols made their way onto the list. Here is a look at the top ten male K-Pop idols on the list and the hilarious captions that were picked for each idol.

10. BTS’s Jin – Rank 35

It seems impossible to have a list of the most handsome men in the world without including the OG “Worldwide Handsome” that is BTS’s Jin. Since debuting, Jin has continued to wow fans with his effortless charms and visuals that never seem to age, even though he is the group’s oldest member.

| @bts_twt/ Twitter

With the success of his birthday track “Super Tuna,” TC Candler picked the perfect caption “Worldwide Tuna,” and it is definitely hilarious AF! Although he has turned 30 (Korean age), he continues to be handsome, and his visuals are undeniable.

9. EXO’s Lay – Rank 32

EXO’s Lay has always been one of the top visuals in K-Pop and is always rightly identified as one of the most handsome men in the world. He has visuals that are considered handsome for many fans no matter where you are in the world, and his talents seem to match the same standard.

| SM Entertainment

TC Candler hit the nail on the head when they said he has an “Entertainment chromosome” because it seems as if he was born to be an idol. It is impossible to be so talented and handsome if he wasn’t meant to be loved by fans worldwide.

8. NCT’s Taeyong – Rank 26

NCT’s leader Taeyong is not only an incredible idol who helps all of his members shine, but he is also extremely handsome. In particular, fans have always noticed his extremely sharp features that might seem cold at first glance but are owned by one of the warmest and most caring men in K-Pop.

| @taeoxo_nct/ Instagram

After his appearance on Mnet’s Street Woman Fighter, he was captioned as “Street woman fighter expert.” Yet, he is also an expert in everything else as he continues to cement himself as a true all-rounder and the perfect idol.

7. Stray Kids’ Bang Chan – Rank 24

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan is known for being an all-rounder idol but has also caught the attention of fans for his dazzling visuals and stunning charisma. In particular, Bang Chan sent fans into a frenzy during Mnet’s Kingdom with his fashionable and sometimes revealing fashion.

If Bang Chan could really “Melt wire fences with hotness,” then it wouldn’t be surprising as he continues to tread a fine line between being cute and also being hot. By being talented, handsome, and charismatic, there is nothing Bang Chan can’t do.

6. Wonho – Rank 21

Unsurprisingly, one idol who has rightly cemented their place on this list is Wonho. Of course, he is so handsome and has the physique of a Greek god. Yet, it isn’t his visuals and physique alone that make him handsome. He is also extremely talented and has such a warm personality that makes him even more attractive.

| @iwonhoyou/ Instagram

Even though TC Candler’s caption was, “Praying for bigger arms,” there is no denying that Wonho’s muscles are already a lot for WENEE’s. With an amazing 2021, 2022 is set to be even better for the idol, and he will only continue to be handsome AF.

5. ENHYPEN’s Ni-Ki – Rank 18

As the youngest member on this list, ENHYPEN’s Ni-Ki has shot to popularity after debuting in 2020. Although all the group’s members are handsome, Ni-Ki’s youthfulness has caught the attention of fans worldwide, balancing cute and handsome.

| BigHit Entertainment

It seems as if TC Candler’s admin can’t get enough either as their caption was simply, “Please Stop. Don’t Stop,” using lyrics from the group’s track “FEVER.” Fans are rightly falling in love with Ni-Ki, and it isn’t surprising why.

4. BTS’s Jimin – Rank 14

As expected, many of the BTS members have made an appearance on this list, and Jimin is no exception. With his regal-like features, Jimin has this pure elegance wherever he goes, which means it is impossible for him not to catch your attention. He is also extremely charismatic and talented, making him even more handsome.

| @bts_twt/ Twitter

With the caption, “Carefully tends to fires,” it might not be accurate as Jimin is normally the one starting them with his amazing performances. Although many expected Jimin to be higher, he is still truly handsome.

3. Stray Kids’ Hyunjin – Rank 12

Ever since Stray Kids debuted, Hyunjin has always been seen as one of the most handsome idols in K-Pop. Along with his effortless dancing skills, he has visuals that few can rival. Whether he has long or short hair, his prince-like visuals are enough to make any netizen’s heart flutter with his handsomeness.

| @realstraykids/ Instagram

TC Candler chose to use a very handsome picture of Hyunjin with a plant and added the caption, “Addicted to chlorophyll.” Although it might just be a play on the image, there is no doubt that STAYs need Hyunjin like plants need chlorophyll for photosynthesis.

2. BTS’s Jungkook – Rank 5

It seems as if a day can’t go by without someone being bewitched by the handsomeness of BTS’s Jungkook. Despite being the group’s youngest member, Jungkook oozes charisma and sophistication with visuals that are off the chart.

| @bts_twt/ Twitter

Although he might not be the “World’s best yodeller,” as pointed out by TC Candler, he is definitely world-class and isn’t the “Golden Maknae” for nothing. Jungkook is the true definition of handsome and deserves his high place on the list.

1. BTS’s V – Rank 3

The highest ranking K-Pop idol came in at number three, and that is BTS’s V! There is no denying that V is one of the most handsome men in the world, and it is hard to find any reason to say otherwise. Although his visuals seem too perfect to comprehend, V’s personality and charm make him even more attractive ARMYs.

It must be a mixture of family genes and V’s personality that makes him one of the most attractive men in the world, so the caption, “Owes it all to his mother,” might not be far off. As the 2017 winner, no doubt V will continue to rank highly because of his dazzling visuals and charms.

Source: TC Candler

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