12 Filipino Celebrities You Might Not Know Are Huge BLACKPINK Fans

#9 is a BLINK who’s not afraid to jump to BLACKPINK’s defense.

Even celebrities are not immune to BLACKPINK‘s charms!

Some of the girl’s biggest fans are hugely popular themselves. The following stars are big names in the Philippine entertainment scene, and they also happen to be BLINKs themselves.

Check them out below!

1. Liza Soberano

Liza Soberano is such a big fan of BLACKPINK, she even travelled to Coachella in 2019 just to watch them perform.

She had a lucky encounter with Jennie who focused on the actress among everyone in the crowd and winked at her! It was a defining moment for Liza and her fangirl self.

2. Ella Cruz

Ella Cruz is one of the most vocal Pinoy celebrities about her love for BLACKPINK.

She is always one of the most excited to attend their concerts and meet and greets in Manila and abroad, to unbox her merch in front of her YouTube subscribers, and to even join a dance cover contest just to meet them.

Like many other BLINKs, she is often one of the participants of the member’s Instagram LIVE videos, and she comments often—to the attention of BLACKPINK!


– Ella Cruz

Ella is not shy to flaunt her BLACKPINK light stick and Samsung phone among other memorabilia, showing that she might just be the biggest celebrity fan of the group.

3. Anne Curtis

Famous actress and TV personality Anne Curtis is one of the certified “true” fans of BLACKPINK. She couldn’t stop gushing over the girls when she attended their concert in the Mall of Asia Arena and even snapped a photo with them!

When the official BLACKPINK House Instagram account left a crown emoji on her photo’s comment section, Anne was again struck with happiness.

I’m still not over the comment on my IG. I was so happy and giddy! Like how did this happen? #SoHappy

– Anne Curtis

Considering her many fangirl moments such as covering their dance performances and commenting on their Instagram LIVE, she deserves the attention from her favorite group!

4. Alden Richards

One of the Philippine’s top A-list actors, Alden Richards is another fan of BLACKPINK who is not afraid to say so. He became a certified BLINK after visiting South Korea in 2019 for the 14th Seoul International Drama Awards.

He was immediately hooked! He couldn’t stop gushing over Lisa on national television.

Wow, she’s amazing! She’s so cute! She’s gorgeous.

– Alden Richards

In fact, he loves Lisa so much that he even tagged her in a photo for his 3.6 million followers to see. Looking longingly off in the distance, he commented, “When you can only look at her from afar.”

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Yung tinitingnan mo lang siya sa malayo…

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5. Maja Salvador

Actress Maja Salvador is another celebrity who is a huge BLINK. Known for her top dancing skills, she performed songs like “BOOMBAYAH” and “KILL THIS LOVE” on mainstream television.

She also comments on the girl’s Instagram posts, such as when she replied almost immediately after Jisoo posted online.


6. Sharlene San Pedro

VJ and TV host Sharlene San Pedro is just like any other BLACKPINK fan. She owns tons of merch…

…lines up to buy concert tickets…

Sharlene San Pedro spotted in the line for BLACKPINK’s concert.

…and encourages fellow BLINKs to vote for them in award shows!

She’s a dedicated fan!

7. Maymay Entrata

Actress Maymay Entrata has attended BLACKPINK’s events in the Philippines in the past with great excitement.

When she couldn’t see them personally, she commented on their Instagram LIVE videos.


– Maymay Entrata

Maymay even covered Jennie’s “SOLO” in her own concert!

8. Kristel Fulgar

Filipino actress and singer Kristel Fulgar is not shy about her admiration for the girls. She was notably excited when attending their concert in Manila.

One of her vlogs was even dedicated to talking about the girl group with friend and actress Sue Ramirez.

9. Sue Ramirez

Sue Ramirez is another “true” BLINK who has liked them for years. She attended their concert and owns her own merch.

The Filipino BLINK community praised her for coming to Jennie’s defense when people called her “lazy”.

Maybe she was sad on that day? Guys why are you judging? […] Artists can’t be great performers all the time. We also have days when we feel down. The people saying she’s lazy, I didn’t even notice! She’s so cute.

– Sue Ramirez

10. Ryan Bang

TV host and comedian Ryan Bang is known for being a Jennie fan!

Hi Jennie! I hope we can meet in your concert here in Manila.

– Ryan Bang

He even went to their Manila concert with bestie Anne Curtis.

11. Andrea Brillantes

Teen star Andrea Brillantes showed her love for the group when she attended their concert decked in pink gear.

She is also vocal about being a fan on her social media pages such as TikTok and Instagram. One of her posts reacting to “How You Like That” received 1.3 million likes in a few days.

At the moment, Andrea is twinning with Jennie by dyeing her hair two tones just like the idol!

12. Kim Chiu

Finally, actress and singer Kim Chiu was all praise for BLACKPINK after seeing them in person in their meet and greet.

It was super not enough, but worth it. We saw them all and they look like Barbie dolls.

– Kim Chiu

When given the group’s merch in a talk show, she was all smiles.

When I saw them, oh my gosh. They’re all so beautiful, they’re all so good [especially in] their music video ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’. So gorgeous! This is so many, I’ll make these my wallpapers.

– Kim Chiu

When Kim couldn’t attend their concert in Manila, she even went all the way to Singapore to catch them!

As these 12 celebrities show, BLACKPINK is a hit in the Philippine market!