12 Hair-Raising Zombies And Horror K-Dramas To Watch This Halloween

Seven of these series are based on popular webtoons.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of graphic content and violence that may disturb some readers.

The month of October is much-awaited by some as it paves the way for Halloween parties, retelling ghost stories, and getting together with friends to binge-watch scary movies and series. Korean zombie and horror series have proven to be a reliable go-to for the gore and scare factor, made even better with the excellent production values and plot.

Here are twelve zombies and horror Korean series that will surely fit this season of Halloween and cravings for a good scare.

1. Dark Hole

Dark Hole is about a group of survivors forced to fight for their lives to survive against previously human mutants who inhaled a mysterious dark smoke from a sinkhole.


2. Hellbound

Hellbound was an adaptation of a Korean webtoon of the same name. The series delved into the subjects of sin and how three supernatural beings punished the sinners brutally. The thought-provoking theme of this series is disturbing and compelling enough to bring about philosophical discussions about human flaws and morality.

Hellbound has been renewed for a second season on Netflix. It starred Yoo Ah In, who also starred in the popular zombie movie #Alive.

| Netflix 

3. Goedam

Also from Netflix, Goedam is an anthology of eight short horror stories tackling Korean urban legends. Each episode lasts about six to fifteen minutes; the whole series can be finished in just an hour. This is a good recommendation for those who dislike watching series that are long and have too many episodes.

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4. Sweet Home

Sweet Home is one of the most popular Korean Netflix series. It tackled the story of a high school orphan who lost his family in a car accident and lived alone. He moved to a run-down apartment to take his own life but got disrupted by strange occurrences among the residents who mysteriously turned into monsters. Sweet Home was also based on a webtoon of the same title.

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5. The Uncanny Counter

The Uncanny Counter was also based on a webtoon with the same title. The story is about four demon hunters who search and banish evil spirits from the earth using their unique powers. The evil spirits use a human host who has committed murder or has a strong desire to do so. One of the four counters was consumed by a stronger evil spirit. A high school boy with psychokinesis (the power to move objects by mental effort) was trained to replace him.

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6. Zombie Detective

Zombie Detective is a good option for those who prefer a touch of comedy and not straight-out gore. This is the story of Kang Min Ho, who woke up with amnesia and transformed into a zombie. He tried to blend in by learning how to walk and talk like everyone else and finally assumed the identity of a private detective while working on uncovering his previous life.


7. Happiness

This Korean series is about people in an apartment building plagued by zombies during a quarantine. The zombies are an outcome of a failed medical experiment that produced the Rita Virus or mad person illness, resulting in a pandemic, hence the quarantine. Happiness was based on the webtoon of the same title.

| Netflix 

8.  The Cursed

The Cursed is about a company called Forest, headed by its Chairman Jin Jong Hyun, who was over-reliant on shamanism, using it even for his decision-making in the company. A brutal case involving Forest was investigated by a reporter, who discovered how deceptive the company has been.

The Cursed was also released as a movie entitled The Cursed: Dead Man’s Prey, written by Yeon Sang Ho, the director of Train To Busan.

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9. Strangers From Hell

Strangers From Hell was an adaptation of the webtoon Hell Is Other People. It was about a guy who moved to Seoul from the countryside to look for a job. Due to his lack of funds, he decided to live in a goshiwon, an inexpensive living option that does not require a deposit and is already furnished. His stay in this goshiwon led him to be on guard against his neighbors.

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10. The Guest

The Guest is the story of a continuing struggle between a demon and three protagonists who joined forces to eradicate the evil force. The demon-possessed people caused them to harm themselves and others and take their own lives. Twenty years later, these protagonists work together to expel demons and bring justice to the victims.


11. Kingdom

In Kingdom, the crown prince encountered an unprecedented outbreak of a mysterious disease so powerful and infectious that it was a fight against time to find the royal physician who might shed light on the outbreak. Throughout the numerous deaths, there was one survivor, Seo Bi, a physician who worked with the royal physician. How did she survive, and what does she know about the mysterious disease?

Kingdom was an adaptation of the webtoon entitled The Kingdom of the Gods.

| Netflix 

12. All Of Us Are Dead

All Of Us Are Dead is based on the webtoon of the same name. The series was about a bunch of high school students who were left behind from being rescued after a zombie virus outbreak in their location. The students had to rely on their instincts to navigate through situations to survive.

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