Here Are 12 Hairstyles That Chaeyoung Has Owned Since TWICE’s Debut

She has rocked so many looks!

It’s been nearly five years since TWICE debuted, and in that time they’ve released a lot of music videos and albums. With each comeback the members have rocked new and interesting looks, especially in terms of hairstyles! Chaeyoung in particular has had drastic changes in cuts, from super short bobs to long wavy locks, and it’s time for her to get some appreciation for how amazing she looks in all of them. Here are 12 of her hairstyles for comebacks throughout the years!

1. Her cute reddish-brown bob for “Like OOH AHH”

2. Her slightly longer reddish cut for “Cheer Up”

3. Her long brown mermaid hair in “TT”

4. Her girlish braided look for “Knock Knock”

5. Her adorable super short bob in “Signal”

6. Her dark mid-length hair for “Likey”

7. The return of long wavy locks for “Heart Shaker”

8. Her gorgeous long black hair for “What Is Love”

9. Her cute orange looks for “Dance the Night Away”

10. The unique dark hair with blonde streaks she rocked in “Yes or Yes”

11. The pretty pink cut she owned for “Fancy”

12. The sleek black ponytail she slayed with in “Feel Special”