12 Iconic Covers By SEVENTEEN That Every CARAT Absolutely Must Watch

Any true fan of SEVENTEEN needs to know about these covers.

SEVENTEEN is a group that’s particularly well known for being a performance powerhouse. However, that doesn’t apply only to their own songs.


Newer fans may not know this, but in the first few years after debut, SEVENTEEN performed a ton of covers. These 12 are an absolute must-watch for anybody who considers themselves a fan of SEVENTEEN’s performances.

12. “Dance With DOC” – DJ DOC

Performed at SBS Dream Concert just about a year after debut, this performance is overflowing with a youthful charm that SEVENTEEN have always excelled in.

11. 2016 Boy Group Remix

A medley of songs from the second half of 2016, this cover encompasses SHINeeGOT7EXO, and Beast. SEVENTEEN blends them seamlessly together, then adds their own flair on at the end.

10. Classic Girl Group Medley

This notorious performance encompasses K-Pop royalty S.E.S.Lee Hyori, and Girls’ Generation, and SEVENTEEN cover some of their most classic anthems, including Girls’ Generation’s “Into the New World.”

9. “U” – Super Junior

As a large group themselves, SEVENTEEN have covered Super Junior songs many times, but this performance of “U” is by far the most legendary. Less than a year after debut, they did their best to show off their more mature side in this cover, and it certainly paid off.

8. “Egotistic” – MAMAMOO

Among the most recent of SEVENTEEN’s covers, this one truly showcases their more sensual side as performers. Additionally, hearing Vernon‘s smooth vocals is a rare treat that everyone deserves to enjoy.

7. “No. 1” – BoA

K-Pop queen BoA has been making music since the dawn of the century, so it only makes sense that SEVENTEEN would cover one of her many hits. This cover is a bright and refreshing tribute to her long and illustrious career. SEVENTEEN member Hoshi is actually a distant cousin of BoA’s!

6. “Wild Eyes” – Shinhwa

With a group name that literally means “legend,” veteran group Shinhwa has certainly been making music long enough to earn that status. SEVENTEEN really showcased their tough sides during this fierce cover.

5. “Decalcomanie” – MAMAMOO

MAMAMOO is a group well known for its strong vocals, and SEVENTEEN live up to those high standards in this powerful cover of their 2016 song.

4. “Honey” – JYP

2016 was a busy year for SEVENTEEN’s cover game, and they kept it going strong until the very last day of the year. This classic cover blends JYP Entertainment founder JYP‘s “Honey” with SEVENTEEN’s own hit, “Very Nice.”

3. “Short Hair” – Cho Yongpil

One factor that pushes this cover to the top of the list is the fact that SEVENTEEN won with this performance on Immortal Songs. Original singer Cho Yongpil, as well as a full audience of fans of the original song, clearly agreed that this performance is exquisite.

2. Girl Group Medley

Released just before the release of their first full album, this cover includes all the most popular hits from the time of its recording, such as Red Velvet‘s “Ice Cream Cake” and GFriend‘s “Rough,” and its legendary status shows in the 15 million views it’s racked up over the years. It would certainly be no stretch to say that this is SEVENTEEN’s most iconic cover.

1. “Tell Me” – Uhm Junghwa

SEVENTEEN may not have won during their first appearance on Immortal Songs, but it certainly wasn’t without impact. Even senior singer Uhm Junghwa was stunned by this legendary cover of her song. You should watch every performance in this list, but if you can really only watch one, you had better make it this one.

Source: @pledis_17