12 Most Questionable Outfits BLACKPINK Has Ever Worn

They still look amazing.

BLACKPINK is known for being stylish from head to toe. No matter where they are, what concept they’re doing, or who styles them, they always look good. Sometimes, however, their outfits can be very…extra.

Check out some of the most (admittedly) ugly clothes BLACKPINK has ever worn below:

1. Rosé’s ruffles (those sleeves!)

2. Randomness galore

3. Jennie is actually a watermelon here

4. Emphasis on Jisoo’s sad blue dress

5. Lisa deserves a more flattering outfit

6. “As If It’s Your Last” did her dirty

7. It’s all mismatched

8. Those leggings 😳

9. We’re speechless

10. So. Many. Frills.

11. Rosé got the short end of the stick

12. This is either really cute or really…bright

Look at the bright side, though: BLACKPINK has many more great fashion moments than these!

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