23 Times BLACKPINK’s Lisa Was A Fashion Icon To Celebrate Her 23rd Birthday

Happy birthday, Lisa!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa turns 23 on March 27, 2020. With her extreme talent, gorgeous visuals, and loving personality, it’s no wonder she’s receiving so much love.

One of the most iconic things about Lisa is her incredible fashion sense. So to celebrate her birthday, we’re bringing back some of her best looks thus far!

1. Coachella was such a memorable era

2. A glitter top and black shorts is a staple

3. Make that glitter from head to toe

4. She can make anything luxurious casual

5. Admit it: Lisa’s personal style is the best

6. She was hot from the start

7. She can even make zebra print look good

8. She MADE the French Girl look

9. Long skirt and high boots? Yes please.

10. We wish we knew how to dress like Lisa

11. Hanbok cuteness!

12. High-low top with bulky denim jeans? Nice.

13. She’s a doll in a white beret and a blouse with a bow

14. But she can also go hot in street wear

15. Her neon shirt with a jumper was an outfit for the books

16. She wore the sweetest pink and blue combo

17. And those glasses? That long coat? Wow.

18. She’s dainty and luxurious anywhere she goes

19. Lisa’s fur coat was a thing of beauty

20. Seriously, how can she pull off everything?

21. Even duck PJ’s in the airport is trendy when it’s on her

22. Anything she wears is gorgeous

23. Happy 23rd birthday, Lisa! May you continue being the fashion icon that you are.