BLACKPINK’s Jennie Hit With Plagiarism Accusations Over Her Brand Gentle Monster

Do you see the similarities?

BLACKPINK Jennie‘s glasses brand, Gentle Monster, recently released a new eyewear collection called JENTLE SALON. The collection features her adorable capybara mascot as well as other cute bows, hearts, and stars accessorizing the glasses.


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However, the collection has been hit with plagiarism accusations from — allegedly — jewelry brand YVMIN.



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According to the rumors, YVMIN shared posts and stories on their Instagram account that showed similarities between their brand and Jennie’s, such as these sunglasses with bows…


As well as this side-by-side collage comparing pieces created by both brands.


While plagiarism accusations from a brand are serious, though, there is evidence that it might have been fabricated by a different Instagram user in an attempt to make it seem like YVMIN was making the accusations when, in actuality, they weren’t.

The above posts can’t be found on the YVMIN Instagram page anymore, but they can be found in the stories of user


Some netizens think that this user edited their own posts in order to make it look like YVMIN was the one who originally accused Gentle Monster of plagiarism.


Further evidence to support this theory is the fact that YVMIN follows both Jennie’s personal account and the Gentle Monster one as well.



The user has shared another post on their Instagram story claiming that the jewelry brand was the first to make the accusations, but netizens just don’t seem to be convinced.


Here’s how people are reacting to the controversy on social media.

Neither YVMIN nor Jennie’s label have yet spoken on the matter.


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