12 Times BLACKPINK’s Rosé And Jennie Were Total Friendship Goals

#6 is so cute!

BLACKPINK may only consist of four members, but their bonds are undoubtedly strong. Each member gets along well with everyone, so much so that there is a “friend duo” for each possible pairing.

One of them, Rosé and Jennie, are the New Zealand-Australian pair that BLINKs love. Check out some of their best interactions below!

1. When Rosé leaned in for a kiss

2. When Jennie leaned in for a kiss

3. When it was oh-so-natural to grab Jennie for a hug

4. When they had fun with the camera

5. When they had fun in Coachella

6. When Rosé fed Jennie

7. When Rosé laughed at something Jennie said

8. When they were both goddesses in front of the camera

9. When they posed back to back

10. When they found something interesting off-screen

11. When they were on-screen buddies

12. And when Jennie actually bit Rosé

They’re the cutest!