17 Times BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Lisa Had The Most Precious Friendship Ever

#8 is just adorable.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and Lisa are a fierce and cute duo that fans love. Both rappers, they have a strong charisma on stage and a baby aura off it. Together, they have one of the most precious friendships in the fandom.

Check out some of their cutest moments below!

1. When they pouted together

2. When Lisa gave Jennie a kiss

3. When they showed off their matching drinks

4. When they cuddled close together

5. When they had matching themed tattoos

6. When Jennie growled at Lisa

7. When they were master models

8. When Lisa back-hugged Jennie

9. When they laid their heads on each other while sleeping

10. When they were both being squishy

11. When they puckered their lips at the camera

12. When Lisa puckered her lips at Jennie

13. When Jennie rested her head on Lisa’s shoulder

14. When they playfully fell on the bed

15. When they happily performed on stage

16. When they greeted fans excitedly

17. And when they couldn’t look each other in the eye without laughing


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