12 Times BLACKPINK’s Lisa Slayed In The Prettiest Stage Outfits

She absolutely shines onstage!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is an absolute force to be reckoned with onstage! With her sharp dance moves, killer rap verses and and indomitable stage presence, all eyes are on her and her fiery performances. Her visuals just add to her already incredible performances, and fans always talk about how good she looks on stage! Here are 12 times Lisa had the most gorgeous stage wardrobe, and absolutely slayed with her visuals!

1. All-white everything with a denim jacket

Lisa absolutely slayed this pure all-white look perfectly!


2. Red plaid crop top and shorts

She looks amazing in this outfit!


3. White crop top, black and gold shorts and gold accessory

Every outfit she wears is so unique!


4. Sheer red crop top and diamond accessory

Lisa truly rocks the crop top and shorts combo like no other!


5. Shiny blue dress

She looks ethereal in this outfit.


6. Red and black outfit

Lisa is a mix of dangerous and chic in this outfit!


7. Sheer camouflage top and black pants

Lisa looks amazingly cool in this outfit!


8. Green floral dress with corset

She’s the epitome of a living, breathing doll!


9. School-girl outfit with an asymmetrical twist

Lisa killed it in this outfit!


10. White patterned crop with boyfriend jeans

She looks so pretty here!


11. All-black outfit

Lisa looks so good in black!


12. All-pink outfit

This all-pink outfit remains one of Lisa’s most iconic looks till date!