12 Times BTS Used Luxury Bags And Showed Us They’re Swimming In Money

Young, rich, and fashionable!

BTS is undoubtedly one of the largest K-Pop groups in the world. With consistent sold-out concerts and record-breaking album sales, it’s no stretch to say that the members have some money. In fact, they reportedly have a combined net worth of over $60 million.

Besides big property investments (in cash, mind you), BTS sometimes shows their riches in subtler ways. Check out some instances where they were spotted carrying luxury bags and showed fans they have 💰.

1. V and Gucci

2. V and Chanel

3. J-Hope and Supreme x Louis Vuitton

4. Suga and Louis Vuitton

5. Jimin and Yves Saint Laurent

6. RM and Yves Saint Laurent

7. Jungkook and Louis Vuitton

8. Suga and Coach

9. Jin and Louis Vuitton

10. J-Hope and Gucci

11. Suga and Dior

12. And finally, Jungkook and Prada