BTS’s RM Bought a $4 Million Dollar Ultra-Luxury Apartment Without Using Credit


BTS‘s RM is the new owner of a luxury apartment in Seoul!

According to Korean news site Skye Daily, RM bought an apartment located in one of Seoul’s most expensive complexes, Hannam The Hill, last November 2019.

RM procured a 284.21㎡ condominium plus an exclusive space for 4.9 billion KRW (around $4 million USD) without using credit, showing how it was an easy purchase for him.

Hannam The Hill is known for being an exclusive complex with strict security measures in place.

A bank real estate representative described it as, “a good place for your privacy.”

A resident of the neighborhood revealed the kind personalities of BTS when they were spotted in the area.

I saw BTS in a restaurant last year and they greeted the residents of the neighborhood while smiling gently. They are popular stars but they looked polite and kind.

– Resident of Hannam The Hill

RM is the second BTS member to buy an apartment in Hannam The Hill. Jin previously purchased a similarly sized space for 4.3 billion won (approximately $3.7 million USD).

Source: Skyedaily