12 Times BTS’s Jimin Was The ‘Cake Fairy’ For Birthdays

Everyone wants Jimin to bring in the cake!

BTS never celebrates their birthdays alone as they always make time to celebrate together! Various live streams have proved this with many members joining in on individual birthday broadcasts with cake and presents. It has becoming an ongoing thing to have Jimin bring in the cake for birthdays and special events. Here’s 12 times Jimin was BTS’s ‘cake fairy’!

1. Jimin knows the perfect timing to bring in the cake!

2. He is always prepared with the cake for all occasions.

3. He makes sure the candles don’t go out before they reach the birthday member!

4. He makes sure to come in at the right time when the lights are out.

5. He hurries over so that the candles don’t burn out before reaching the birthday member.

6. He instructs other member what to do when preparing the cake.

7. He’s a pro at lighting the candles.

8. He even makes cool designs with the candles by bending them.

9. He’s quick in his actions when setting up for the surprise.

10. He shows off his artistic side with cute drawings on the cake.

11. Here’s another clip of his artistic talent!

12. He always gets excited to see how the person will react when they see him!

Jimin is always ready to prepare the cake for the members as he loves to see all of them happy!