12 Times Really Pretty Idols Were Forced To Wear Some Really Ugly Clothes

From airport fashion to stage outfits, these looks just did not work out.

1. NCT

We’re not really sure what angered NCT‘s stylists enough to do this, but we’re hoping it never happens again.

High-waisted leather pants with suspenders? That’s…er…different…


2. Red Velvet

The members took ripped jeans to a whole new level for “Dumb Dumb”, but instead of looking edgy, these outfits just looked a little bit…well, dumb.

And let’s not forget this rainbow look. These ruffled stage outfits nearly accomplished the impossible: making Red Velvet look bad.

Even dressed as dancing cupcakes, the members performed like the stars they are!


3. SHINee

This supergroup looks chic now, but they had some disastrous fashion fails in their early days…

…like this.

These outfits might have been fine, if not for the hats. With the hats, SHINee looks less like idols and more like scarecrows.


4. Taemin (SHINee)

We’ve already showcased SHINee’s questionable fashion days, but this crop top sweater deserves its own mention.

Taemin has the looks and physique to pull it off, but on anyone else this item would be a huge “NO”.


5. Yugyeom (GOT7)

Taemin isn’t the only idol with sweater problems. Yugyeom‘s turtleneck looks like it was the victim of a backstage scissor attack!


6. B1A4

Like SHINee, B1A4 suffered from fashion sabotage during their early days. Many B1A4 fans rejoiced when that group went through a dramatic concept change.

Let’s face it: there’s just nothing good happening here.


7. 2NE1

Some of 2NE1‘s more colourful outfits were not the worst…

…but also not the best. And this group deserves the best!


8. BTS

BTS has had countless super stylish outfits from debut until now, but the concept photos for Love Yourself: Answer divided the fandom. Some fans loved these outfits. Other fans had…opinions.


9. Girls’ Generation

These all-pink outfits aren’t too bad…for professional figure skaters. The sparkling detailing on these outfits is beautiful, but unfortunately the pink makes the members look more like Barbie dolls than superstars.


10. D.O. (EXO)

D.O. has had his fair share of bad stage outfits, but WTF is this supposed to be?


11. Heechul (Super Junior)

We all know Heechul gives zero f**ks, but it was never as obvious as it was when he wore these hideous outfits to the airport.

Fashion? Pff. Comfort is what Heechul was going for…



12. G-Dragon (BIGBANG)

You know who else doesn’t give a damn about airport fashion? This guy. G-Dragon is known to be one of K-Pop most forward-thinking fashionistas, but sometimes even this king has his off days.

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