12 Times Stray Kids Really Put The “Stray” In Stray Kids

Someone please save them!

One definition of the word “stray” is “to not be in the right place at the right time or to be separated from the group.” While Stray Kids probably hadn’t even considered that part of the definition when they took on the name, fans have noticed that the name actually does happen to align with the definition pretty well. From wandering past photographers to getting a bit turned around on stage, here are some times when the idol group really put the “stray” in Stray Kids.


1. When leader Bang Chan forgot about photos

As fans, we’re always blessed with lots of pictures of our idol, especially from music show events since the press literally has designated spots for idols and celebs to stop on. But during Stray Kids’ first-ever Music Bank appearance, Bang Chan walked right past the giant heart and if it wasn’t for his members urging him to come back he might just have forgotten all about the photo-op!


2. And the time former member Woojin did too

To be fair, Woojin probably wasn’t expecting having to stop for photos when he arrived at the polling place on voting day but photographers were there and ready, so Woojin had to do a bit of backtracking.


3. The time they got lost while dressing up

Ever playful Dingo decided Halloween would be the perfect time to get Stray Kids to do something a little special. With a whole selection of fun costumes for the members to wear while performing “I am YOU”, nothing could go wrong, right? Well, let’s just say I.N got a little turned around in his first costume!


4. When they decided “My Pace” was really at their own pace

Part switch versions of any kind are always a little bit of a disaster but when Stray Kids are involved…


Well, let’s just say it was a little more chaotic!


5. That time Seungmin couldn’t quite work out the cue cards…

When Seungmin became an MC for After School Club, he was already struggling a bit…with the cue cards. Luckily with the help of Jimin, he got right back on track!


6. And neither could Hyunjin

Seungmin wasn’t the only Stray Kids member to get totally lost in his cue cards. Poor Hyunjin had the same trouble when he MCed on Idol Room!


7. When even their cameraman got roped along

Stray Kids were once set to perform at a high school. But after filming a short intro on the school’s rooftop…well…they strayed.


Instead of heading down to the auditorium like they were supposed to, they ended up somewhere completely different…


And even roped a cameraman into getting lost right along with them!


8. When Hyunjin had to do a double spin to find the right spot

Although he wasn’t too off the mark, Hyunjin did have to do a couple of spins to find just the right place to get his photo taken.


9. When Bang Chan had to reign in the rest

When the group went to the Korean Music Festival they got to walk the flower carpet. While members on each end usually go to a certain point and stop, allowing the other members to fill in the empty spaces, Hyunjin and I.N decided to go to the very outer reaches of the stage…


Which meant Bang Chan had to go collect them!


10. The time Hyunjin got lost at AAA

Taking one wrong turn at the 2018 Asia Artist Awards meant that Han had to go save Hyunjin from wandering too far from the group.


Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Got Lost At 2018 AAA, Here’s What Happened

Although there was a very good reason he got lost!


11. When Han “accidentally” kept going

When Stray Kids made their appearance on A Song For You, the members were tasked with introducing their charms.


And when Han was called on for showing his cuteness, he pretended like he hadn’t heard at all.


But eventually, he did pull out his aegyo and regretted it almost immediately. Don’t worry though, he got his revenge by making some of his other members bust out some aegyo too.


12. When Bang Chan got lost in translation

During an episode of Stray Kids The 9th, Bang Chan was all set to help his members order some ice cream…but had a wee bit of trouble coming up with the right word!


Then there was the time that he couldn’t quite remember the word “nickname” and needed a little help from his members!

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