12 Times Stylists Came Under Fire for Making Female Idol’s Outfits Way Too Revealing

Sexy concept or just plain uncomfortable?

1. Irene (Red Velvet)

At the 2017 Golden Disk Awards, Irene was put in a short sweater dress. The dress was so short that Irene was constantly tugging the fabric down to keep anything she didn’t want form showing. Her multiple attempts to remain discreet caught the attention of fans. In turn, her fans were absolutely furious to see how short the dress was and were appalled that her stylist could have put her in something that she was clearly uncomfortable wearing.

2. Minah (Girl’s Day)

Minah was spotted agonizing over her incredibly short skirt at the 2015 Korean Popular Culture Arts Awards. During the red carpet event, Minah looked stunning in her dress but she also looked completely uncomfortable with the length.

Netizens and fans alike noticed her obvious attempts to hold her skirt down and were very unhappy that someone had decided to put her in something like this.

3. Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation)

During one concert event, fans couldn’t help but point out how short Taeyeon‘s skirt was. While they were happy that she appeared unconcerned with the length of the dress, they were still worried that she would be uncomfortable and hoped they wouldn’t be seeing much of the short skirt trend on their idol in later performances.

4. Irene (Red Velvet)

During one episode of M! Countdown, Irene appeared on stage in a very short green dress to perform “Red Flavor”. Irene again appeared to be very uncomfortable in the micro-mini skirt and had to pull down her dress multiple times. Fans noticed her actions and also realized she wasn’t able to dance properly thanks to her dress.

When the video went up, fans immediately flooded the comment section with their concerns and complaints. One fan even commented that they had seen Irene pull down her skirt 9 times! The overall consensus was that fans were not happy with her discomfort and asked that the stylists put her in longer skirts.

5. Nancy (MOMOLAND)

While Momoland are known for their crop tops and shorts, fans have been increasingly worried about just how short their outfits are getting. Nancy in particular seems to have shorter shorts than her fellow members and has accidentally revealed some of her derriere on numerous occasions. Fans have been especially sensitive on the subject as, until recently, Nancy was still a minor.

She’s also been seen tugging and adjusting her shorts. When fans started to notice how uncomfortable she looked, they demanded that the girls be allowed to wear safety shorts to keep their outfits in check!

6. Yeonwoo (formerly of MOMOLAND)

Back when Yeonwoo was a member of MOMOLAND, fans have spotted constantly adjusting her outfit. They also were shocked that the outfits went along with their hit song “Bboom Bboom” since it’s a relatively non-sexy concept song. Fans vented their frustration at the outfits as well as the girls’ obvious discomfort and demanded that they be given proper stage outfits in the future.

7. Red Velvet

During 2017 Music Core, Red Velvet performed “Peek-A-Boo” in gorgeous stage outfits but these pretty stage outfits weren’t quite what they seemed at first. The more the girls danced, the more fans noticed how uncomfortable they looked.

The incredibly short outfits almost caused a wardrobe malfunction during one part of their performance and their choreography didn’t make things any easier. Fans were very worried that their idols appeared to be so uncomfortable and hoped that their subsequent outfits would be better.

8. Irene (Red Velvet)

When Irene arrived at the 2016 SBS Gayo Daejun, fans couldn’t help but be surprised at how beautiful Irene looked in her dress. Soon, however,  they began to notice how uncomfortable Irene looked in the dress. Many of the photos from the event show her constantly tugging the dress down.

They voiced their opinion on the dress and scolded her stylists but that wouldn’t be the only time the pictures made an impact. In 2018, the pictures from the event made a reappearance, much to netizens’ displeasure.

9. Seolhyun (AOA)

During a 2016 press conference, Seolhyun was spotted wearing a very sexy red dress. The only problem was that she seemed a bit uncomfortable in it. Fans took note of the many times she adjusted the skirt and covered the front of the dress so as to not show anything she didn’t want to be seen. While fans normally love Seolhyun’s sexy concepts, they weren’t thrilled with this look simply because she seemed very distressed by it.

10. Lisa (BLACKPINK)

At the 2017 Seoul Music Awards red carpet event, fans couldn’t stop looking at BLACKPINK‘s Lisa. They were stunned at how fantastic and beautiful she looked in her dress.

They were equally stunned by how short the outfit was. While stationary, Lisa looked liked the goddess she is but as soon as she had to move, she looked very uncomfortable.

11. Sana (TWICE)

At the 2017 Golden Disc Awards fans couldn’t help but notice that female idols skirts seem to be getting shorter and shorter.

They particularly noticed Sana‘s skirt because she was constantly placing her hands in front of her body in an attempt to hold the dress in place.

12. Minah (Girl’s Day)

Minah looked exceptionally chic at a fashion event in 2016 but her excellent fashion was overshadowed by her obvious discomfort.

Her micro-mini skirt make it almost impossible for her to walk and stairs were even more dangerous. She was seen attempting to cover her thighs and fans were really worried about the tiny look.

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