12 Times TWICE’s Sana Proved That She’s The Queen Of Sexy Shoulders

She has the prettiest shoulder line!

TWICE‘s Sana is a very pretty idol, but did you know that along with her visuals, fans also stan her very sexy shoulders? Here are 10+ photos of Sana in beautiful outfits that show how pretty her shoulder line is, and prove that she’s the queen of shoulders!

1. This white off-shoulder top makes her look so gorgeous and chic, and her shoulders are the highlight of this outfit!


2. Sana’s sharp visuals in this off-shoulder top are breathtaking.


3. She has such pretty and angular shoulders!


4. Sana kills each and every off-shoulder look she wears!


5. This back-view of Sana’s shoulders remains legendary.


6. Sana with pink hair in slip dresses remains superior!


7.  She blessed us with her visuals in this halter-neck dress!


8. This tube dress on Sana throws all the light on her gorgeous shoulder line!


9. Sana absolutely killed it in this gorgeous mini dress!


10. This stage outfit is so perfectly fit for both the summer, as well as Sana!


11. This tube top also highlights her pretty shoulders very nicely!



12. Sana in causal fashion is always a win, and this sleeveless red top makes her shoulders stand out so prettily!