12 Times TWICE’s Tzuyu Had Fans Soft Over Her Visuals In Cute, Fluffy Sweaters

She looks so adorable in sweaters!

TWICE‘s Tzuyu is such a gorgeous and talented idol, and she’s also noted for her adorable and kind personality as well! Here are 12 times Tzuyu wore a big, fluffy sweater, and had fans falling hard for her cute, comfy-looking visuals!

1. Tzuyu’s visuals are flawless even without make-up!


2. Tzuyu looks so beautiful in this fluffy sweater!


3. Her visuals are gorgeous!


4. This coat and sweater look is so cute on her!


5. This grey sweater is so chic!


6. Tzuyu makes sweaters look so fashionable!


7. Blue is so pretty on Tzuyu!


8. Her visuals in white sweaters are ethereal.


9. She looks great in this yellow sweater!


10. So pretty!


11. Her visuals are insane!


12. She has such a great sense of style!