Here Are 13 Bits Of TMI About Each And Every SEVENTEEN Member

You needed to know.

SEVENTEEN is a large group of 13 members; this means there are 13 different colors blending in together to create the beautiful shade of rose quartz and serenity that we love. Here are some bits of information about the members – perhaps TMI, but nonetheless invaluable – that will help you see their uniqueness – which, in the end, help make SEVENTEEN as interesting as they are.


1. Seungkwan

I actually have a cute side.

— Seungkwan


2. S.Coups

I prefer chicken breasts over drumsticks.

— S. Coups


3. Vernon

I was born in New York, but moved to Korea when I was 5 – so I’m pretty Korean.

— Vernon


4. Hoshi

I have a red birthmark on my arm and no, it does not hurt.

— Hoshi


5. Mingyu

I file my nails, not clip them.

— Mingyu


6. Dino

My father used to own a Chinese food restaurant, so I know a thing or two about Chinese cuisine.

— Dino


7. Joshua

I left LA in my junior year, but I had to go back to the US to take my finals so I could graduate and get my high school diploma.

— Joshua


8. Wonwoo

My name means to be a person who helps others.

— Wonwoo



9. DK

I have the rare blood type of RH-O.

— DK


10. Jeonghan

I have blackout curtains installed in my room because I like to sleep in the pitch dark.

— Jeonghan


11. Woozi

I am actually introverted, but fans think I talk a lot.

— Woozi


12. Jun

If there is water, I will drink it.

— Jun


13. The8

I must have rice, even if I have to leave at 3 in the morning. I have no energy without rice.

— The8

Source: YouTube and Namu Wiki