13 Inspiring And Motivational Lyrics From ATEEZ’s Songs That Are Guaranteed To Make Your Day Better

They’re not afraid to open their hearts through their lyrics.

In the four years that ATEEZ has been an active K-Pop group, they’ve released a very wide-ranging discography that covers many different subjects and styles.


While some of their songs are more peppy and bubbly with bright and fun lyrics, others are thoughtful, encouraging, and supportive to the fans listening to them. ATEEZ’s lyrics are full of understanding and motivational words, making their music a blessing to listen to and take in.

ATEEZ’s Yunho

Here are 13 of their songs that have particularly deep, thoughtful, encouraging, or inspirational lyrics. They’re by no means all that there are, and the pieces of lyrics used as examples are just small snippets of each song’s beauty as a whole!

1. “One Day at a Time”

“One Day at a Time” is a song off of their ZERO: FEVER Part. 1 album, their first one released during the ongoing global pandemic. The song discusses the hardships of the reality we’re living in, being separated from each other and the loneliness it brings, but ATEEZ’s words of encouragement and love make everything seem like it will be alright in the end. It’s hard to choose just a couple of lines of inspiration from this song, because all of it feels like a warm hug.

If you wanna hide
You’re losing your mind
You gotta lean on somebody
I’ll be that somebody for ya
Thousand miles, it don’t matter
When you’re feeling under pressure
Say the word, I’ll be there.

— ATEEZ, “One Day at at Time”

2. “Utopia”

If you need inspiration to continue to chase your dreams despite difficulties faced along the way, “Utopia” is the song to listen to! Both the encouraging lyrics as well as the energetic beat and stunning vocals are enough to make anyone feel like they can accomplish anything they set their mind to.

Even if everyone laughs because it’s a dream
I cannot stop, the truth to me is that
We can touch utopia
We can reach there, utopia.

— ATEEZ, “Utopia”

3. “WIN”

“WIN” is another song to listen to for encouragement, though it’s even more hyped up and energetic than “Utopia”! As the title suggests, the song’s lyrics are about being certain of accomplishing what you are fighting for despite what may get in your way, and using these difficulties as fuel to push yourself even further.

The waves are stopping you?
Just split through them
The wind blows hard?
Fly with that wind.


4. “Celebrate”

“Celebrate” is a song off of ATEEZ’s newest album, ZERO: FEVER Part. 2, and its core message is about celebrating yourself and all of your uniqueness. Despite what others may say or think about you, you are the only one just like yourself, and that alone is cause for celebration!

Celebrate for you
Celebrate for you, you, you, you
For being born and living as you
We celebrate, we celebrate for you.

— ATEEZ, “Celebrate”

5. “Sunrise”

ATEEZ’s members have had their share of hardships, and they’re not afraid to face them in their lyrics. In “Sunrise”, they sing about feeling in the dark and wishing that someone would come and tell them everything is going to be alright. And yet, at the same time, they’re already putting on a brave face and being their own encouragement to keep moving forward.

Just keep it up
So everyone can see
Just keep it up more
For the world to hear
Just keep it up
Sometimes I don’t feel like it
But I just keep it up.

— ATEEZ, “Sunrise”

6. “Promise”

“Promise” speaks of ATEEZ’s promise to always be there for their fans, even in times of darkness and struggle. Even though there might be troubles and difficulties in life, the members want to be the light for ATINYs and help lead them through those dark times.

We are going to go, someday we’ll reach
Flowers will fall and darkness will swallow you
But I will light the light
There’s gonna be a new bud
The light will cover us at this moment.

— ATEEZ, “Promise”

7. “Better”

Once more, ATEEZ has dropped their guard to openly express how hard it can be sometimes to move forward when it’s hard to stay on your feet. Sometimes, rather than racing towards a dream, it’s alright to take things slow and put one foot in front of the other.

We know we’re getting better, better, ​better
Don’t worry nothing matter, matter, ​matter
It’s okay to be disheartened, don’t stop, that’s fine
We know we’re getting better, better, better.

— ATEEZ, “Better”

8. “Time Of Love”

Another song off of ATEEZ’s newest album, “Time Of Love” looks at the current climate in the world that can seem so full of hate and hardship sometimes. The lyrics encourage its listeners to love each other, because none of us are perfect and we all need love in our lives.

Say no to hate, no, no, no, no
We need love, we need love
Say no to jealousy, no, no, no, no
We the same, we born in love
We can’t be perfect
Everybody needs somebody.

— ATEEZ, “Time Of Love”

9. “Stay”

In the midst of ATEEZ’s TREASURE era, many of their songs were about adventure and discovery, and “Stay” is part of that story. The song speaks about that no matter where they go, ATEEZ will be able to adventure anywhere as long as ATINYs are beside them.

No matter where you look
You have become the inspiration for these lyrics
Stay with me
When I’m not by your side
When the illusion is empty
I’ll let you see and hear me.

— ATEEZ, “Stay”

10. “Light”

In “Light”, ATEEZ sings about trying to reach towards a bright light in the darkness, and when they reach the light that is ATINYs, they know that they can shine brightly together.

You know we exist only
Make each other brighter
Let it shine
You and me right now
I hope you get a little more shine this way.

— ATEEZ, “Light”

11. “Wave”

“Wave” was the first song to get ATEEZ a music show win, and it’s still an absolute bop! Not only is the song fun to listen to, but the lyrics are inspiring as well. Keeping up with the adventurous TREASURE theme, the song brightly declares the message of feeling accomplished in what you’ve already overcome and encouraging listeners to keep going forward with them.

If this moment is our wave
Don’t be afraid, face it with more strength
Because we’re hotter than anyone else under the sun.

— ATEEZ, “Wave”

12. “If Without You”

The message of “If Without You” is simple but still deeply meaningful. ATEEZ sings about simply wanting their fans by their side, because everything is better with them around!

Time with you
Everything is so happy
High above the sky
I care for you like that.

— ATEEZ, “If Without You”

13. “Thank U (Friend)”

“Thank U (Friend)” was actually a song written by Hongjoong for fellow member and friend Seonghwa, but it can be a meaningful message to anyone who wants to express their love and gratitude towards someone they care about. The lyrics are beautifully written, and it’s clear just how much the leader of ATEEZ cherishes what he has with Seonghwa.

Thank you
Thank you for being able to walk by your side
Thank you because we can depend on each other on this tough world
In the event of a typhoon
When the rain is heavy and the wind rises
You and me, you and me
It’s always the two of us.

— ATEEZ, “Thank U (Friend)”


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