13 K-Pop Group Names And The Meanings Behind Them

How many of these meanings did you already know about?

With so many K-Pop groups emerging and disappearing throughout the years, it can be hard to understand all the meaning that goes behind a group. Here’s a list of some current idol group’s and the meaning behind their names.



A TEENagers Z meaning that teenagers from “A-Z” (everyone) can be fans of the group.

2. A.C.E

Adventure Calling Emotions meaning that they want to create emotions that help people go towards their dreams.

3. BTS

It is the acronym for “Bangtan Sonyeondan” which means bulletproof boy scouts. They are also referred to Beyond The Scene in English.

4. DAY6

Each of the members represents a day of the week with the sixth day representing their fans. Sunday is taken out because it is considered a rest day.

5. (G)I-DLE

The (G) represents girls and DLE is the Korean word for ‘deul’, meaning the plural form of words so the group name means “a group of six individuals.”

6. Golden Child

This term is used to refer to a perfect child who is born once every 100 years. They hope to lead the K-Pop industry with their music for the next 100 years.

7. iKON

They want to be icons all over the world and the “C” was replaced with a “K” to represent Korea.


It is the sound babies make and ‘MAMA’ means mother so they hope to make music that sound organic and raw to their listeners.

9. Pentagon

The name signifies that all members are skilled in five areas including dance, vocal, mind, talent and team work.


13 members + 3 units + 1 team= 17.

11. Stray Kids

This refers to kids who are lost because they’re concept is about being young and carefree.


They want people catch the attention of people twice, once with their eyes and again with their music.


VoICe TO New World

Did you know all the meanings?

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