Here Are All 13 Members Of SEVENTEEN Re-Imagined As Pokémon Trainers

Who do you think would fit dragon-type the best? Or fairy-type?

It can be fun to imagine what kind of trainer or gym leader you would be in the Pokémon world, but have you ever thought about what Pokémon type your favorite K-Pop idol would specialize in? Now is your chance! This was already done with BTS and TWICE before, and now it’s SEVENTEEN‘s turn! Here are the members of the group re-imagined as what type of Pokémon they would specialize in if they were a trainer in that world. Do you agree with the choices?

1. S.Coups: Rock Type

S.Coups, as leader of the group, has to be strong, dependable, and reliable, which he is! Rock-type Pokémon also have these traits, so it makes sense that S.Coups would gravitate to this type. Potential partners for him would be Onix and Tyranitar.

2. Jeonghan: Ghost Type

Ghost-type Pokémon tend to be misunderstood as distant and aloof, even though oftentimes they want love just as much as any other type. Jeonghan can seem this way sometimes, but he’s also very loving with the other members! He can also be mischievous and cunning, as well, though, just like ghost types. Potential partners for him would be Mimikyu and Drifloon.

3. Joshua: Water Type

Water type Pokémon are known to be both calm when the occasion calls for it, or energetic and powerful when required. Joshua has both of these traits! While he definitely can seem like the quiet, calm, mature member of SEVENTEEN, he can also be a giant spaz. Potential partners for him would be Lapras and Vaporeon.

4. Jun: Ice Type

Jun can seem a bit cool and aloof to people that don’t know him well, since he tends to be quiet and not stand out a lot. However, when he’s comfortable and feeling himself, he can be super quirky and hilarious! Ice-type Pokémon have this same sort of hidden depth behind what otherwise might be cold exteriors. Potential partners for him would be Spheal and Alolan Ninetales.

5. Hoshi: Fire Type

When Carats think of Hoshi, they probably think of his passion and drive for performing well and putting his all into his dancing and singing. That’s why fire-type Pokémon would fit him perfectly! There’s nothing like a fire Pokémon to really get someone’s attention and awe, and Hoshi has this same sort of presence. Potential partners for him would be Torracat and Arcanine.

6. Wonwoo: Psychic Type

Wonwoo is well-known for his love of books and his intellect, so it doesn’t seem like anything would fit him better than psychic-type Pokémon. These types also take pride in their brain powers and intelligence, and though both they and Wonwoo can be quiet, they also have immense power, whether it be in their Pokémon powers or his rapping! Potential partners for him would be Espeon and Gardevoir.

7. Woozi: Dragon Type

Dragon-type Pokémon are known to be one of the rarest, most special, and hardest to contain types. Woozi is in a complete world of his own in terms of talent, helping to write, compose, and produce most of SEVENTEEN’s songs. He’s incredibly skilled in so many areas of music, and in this way is powerful, just like the powerful dragon type! Potential partners for him would be Dragonair and Rayquaza.

8. DK: Electric Type

DK is known as the sunshine member of SEVENTEEN for a reason, so it wouldn’t make sense for him to be anything but an electric-type trainer! He has seemingly endless energy and optimism, always bringing a smile to people’s faces with his cheerful, sunny nature. Potential partners for him would be Pikachu and Yamper.

9. Mingyu: Ground Type

Mingyu is an interesting guy, another member of SEVENTEEN that can seem a little reserved at first but is really just as goofy and fun-loving as the rest. He’s also well-grounded and has a strong, sturdy physique, which is comparable to ground-type Pokémon! Potential partners for him would be Mudsdale and Flygon.

10. The8: Flying Type

The8 is easily one of the most elegant members of SEVENTEEN, sometimes seemingly like he’s floating off of the ground when he’s dancing. In this way, he closely mimics the airy, elegant nature of flying-type Pokémon! Potential partners for him would be Altaria and Pidgeot.

11. Seungkwan: Fairy Type

Seungkwan has a hilarious and unique personality, and can be quite loud and enjoys being in the center of attention. Fairy-type Pokémon also enjoy being in the spotlight, and are often a bit quirky themselves! The sass is real with both of these types too. Potential partners for him would be Togepi and Jigglypuff.

12. Vernon: Bug Type

This may seem like an odd pairing, but hold on! Vernon is a fun and quirky guy, and is also quite curious and unafraid of a challenge. Bug-type Pokémon, despite their size, often take on challenges that may seem too big for them, but find success regardless! In these ways, Vernon could suit this Pokémon type. Potential partners for him would be Scizor and Shedinja.

13. Dino: Steel Type

And lastly, Dino definitely suits the steel-type Pokémon. He’s extremely strong and well-built for being a maknae, and is a powerful, sleek dancer and performer in his own right. These are traits that make the tough, powerful, steel-type Pokémon special as well! Potential partners for him would be Aggron and Metagross.