Here Are TWICE’s Members Re-Imagined As Pokémon Gym Leaders

The crossover we all need.

There’s nothing better than a crossover with two things you love…and if you’re a fan of K-Pop and Pokémon, you’re in luck. If you’ve ever imagined which type of gym leader each member of TWICE would be, here is a subjective list based on their personality traits (and totally made for fun)!

1. Nayeon: Water-type Gym Leader

Team: Vaporeon, Oshawott, Lapras

Despite being the eldest, Nayeon often comes across as the “fake maknae” of TWICE. Her youthful yet elegant vibe is reminiscent of water. Water also changes forms, similar to how Nayeon can be goofy or serious when she needs to be.

2. Momo: Fire-type Gym Leader

Team: Rapidash, Scorbunny, Ninetales

Momo‘s passion and intensity on stage when she dances will instantly remind you of fire. She shifts 180 degrees from when she is offstage, a sparkling ember, to her on-stage persona, a full-blown smoke show!

3. Jihyo: Grass-type Gym Leader

Team: Vileplume, Venusaur,  Chikorita

Jihyo‘s bubbly personality and abilities as a leader make her the perfect Grass-type gym leader. Both the mother-like ways she cares for her members and her natural beauty are totally reminiscent of nature!

4. Sana: Fairy-type Gym Leader

Team: Togetic, Clefable, Gardevoir

Sana‘s super sweet and optimistic attitude scream “Fairy-type!” From her girly voice to the way she is constantly showing affection for those she loves, she is the human embodiment of cuteness.

5. Dahyun: Electric-type Gym Leader

Team: Emolga, Ampharos, Jolteon

Dahyun would be none other than an Electric-type gym leader. She doesn’t shy away from attention and is an all-around cheerful an energetic person just like a bolt of thunder.

6. Tzuyu: Psychic-type Gym Leader

Team: Musharna, Hypno, Mr. Mime

Tzuyu‘s intelligence and diligence as an artist make her the perfect Psychic-type gym leader. She is more on the introverted side, causing her to be a bit mysterious at first.

7. Chaeyoung: Fighting-type Gym Leader

Team: Hitmontop, Machop, Primeape

Chaeyoung‘s fierce stage presence is definitely powerful. She’s a headstrong, unique person who likes to display herself in various ways, from art and fashion to tattoos, so something as “kickass” as a Fighting-type gym leader suits her.

8. Mina: Ice-type Gym Leader

Team: Dewgong, Articuno, Cubchoo

Upon first getting to know Mina, she may seem cold because of her shyness. However, you soon realize her heart of gold lies beneath. She is very intelligent, calculated, and has a classic kind of beauty.

9. Jeongyeon: Dark-type Gym Leader

Team: Umbreon, Zoroark, Murkrow

Jeongyeon‘s chic vibes make her a great Dark-type gym leader. She is outwardly serious, but inside is quite humble and caring. She can easily pull off the brooding, seductive appearance a Dark-type trainer would possess.

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Here Are BTS’s Members Re-Imagined As Pokemon Gym Leaders