13 Songs Recommended By The Members Of SEVENTEEN To Start Off The New Year

“the first song you hear on the New Year decides how your year is going to go.”

With a group as big as SEVENTEEN, there are various different personalities and music tastes! With that said, SEVENTEEN members have compiled a great playlist for their CARATs.

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Starting off with their introduction, leader S.Coups shares that “apparently, the first song you hear on the New Year decides how your year is going to go.”

The hip hop team of S.Coups, Wonwoo, Vernon, and Mingyu gave their recommendations for songs to start off the New Year first. The second group to suggest songs were the performance team of THE8, Hoshi, Jun, and Dino. Last but not least was the vocal team of Seungkwan, DK, Woozi, and Joshua.

1. S.Coups Recommended “Light A Flame” by SEVENTEEN (Wonwoo, Jun, Woozi, & Hoshi).

“Because it’s coldest during the New Year,” S.Coups said he wishes for his fans to stay warm and “light a flame on the first day of 2021.”

I recommended this song to myself too. I chose it because I wanted to light a flame in CARAT’s heart in 2021. I hope all CARAT’s will listen to this song and have a very heartwarming year.

— S.Coups

2. Wonwoo recommended “Happiness” by Super Junior.

It’s a very bright song and I wanted everyone’s 2021 to be filled with happiness. I just hope the year goes as the song goes.

— Wonwoo

3. Mingyu Recommended “Happy Life” by Roland Faunte

I listen to this song in my room alone. I listened to this song during many of my happiest moments so this song reminds me of my greatest memories. I hope you can all listen to this song and cherish the happiest moments of 2021.

— Mingyu

4. Vernon recommended “Do Re Mi” by SEVENTEEN (Seungkwan, Vernon, Dino)

The lyrics go like, ‘difficult thoughts always make it difficult. You can just think about it easily like Do Re Mi.’ I thought it had a good positive message.

— Vernon

5. Hoshi recommended “For the Last Time” by Vibe

I wanted to see CARATs for the last time. Yes, so Vibe’s ‘For the Last Time.’

— Hoshi

6. THE8 recommended “Dreams Come True” by THE8

I chose my own song, ‘Dreams Come True.’ I recommend ‘Dreams Come True’ hoping this song will make everyone’s dream come true.

— THE8

7. Jun recommended “Nothing Better” by Jungyup

My song also has the word ‘dream’ in the lyrics. My vocal trainer taught me this song during my vocal lessons…I hope we can share our dreams with CARAT in 2021.

— Jun

8. Dino recommended “Galaxy” by BOL4

THE8 questioned Dino asking, “you are going to give your galaxy to CARAT?” To which he replied yes.

So you two talked about dreams and you talked about meeting CARAT, so I’m going to talk about space. I chose BLO4’s ‘Galaxy’…not just my galaxy, but the galaxy of all 13 of us.

— Dino

9. DK recommended “Come to Me” by SEVENTEEN (vocal team)

Well this song can affect an entire year for CARATs. So I wanted the song to be meaningful. So I ended up with, drum roll please, it’s SEVENTEEN’s ‘Come to Me.’ The lyrics make me tear up but also they cheer you up when I’m having a hard time. So that’s why I ended up chosing ‘Come to Me.’

— DK

10. Seungkwan recommended “Go” by SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan

It just means to go. Go. The song tells you that anywhere can be your stage. This song is very hopeful and a definite confidence booster.

— Seungkwan

11. Joshua recommended “Thanks” by SEVENTEEN

I chose thanks because we tried to capture positive message within this song. I feel a lot of special love and affection for ‘Thanks.’ So I hope CARATs listen to this song and enjoy that energy.

— Joshua

12. Woozi recommended “Together” by SEVENTEEN

The first message that popped up in my head was ‘CARATs! Let’s be all healthy together in 2021!’ We sang this song a lot since it’s been released but we never sang this in front of CARATs. So I really hope I get to sing this song when we meet CARATs.

— Woozi

13. Jeonghan recommended “Lucky” by SEVENTEEN

My songs fits me very well. I chose ‘Lucky’ because I wanted everyone to be lucky in 2021 and have a great year

— Jeonghan

The group left off with warm messages for their fans and the New Year.

I hope you have a great 2021 with SEVENTEEN. Please take care of yourselves and we hope your days are filled with happiness.

— Mingyu

We hope we can see your smiling faces and hear your voices on stage 2021. This has been the hip hop team and we wish you a happy new year.

— S.Coups

Time flew by this year. We currently wrapping up the last of 2020 and I hope you all have a happy new year in 2021. This has been SEVENTEEN performance team, thank you.

— Hoshi

Anyway, I hope you all a year where you march your way but also take a break in times of hardships. If you’re lucky on the way, good for you. I hope you all have a lucky year coming

— Jeonghan

So which song will you be choosing as your first song of 2021? SEVENTEEN gave you a lot to choose from.