13 Times ATEEZ Showed Their Love For Other K-Pop Groups Through Dance Covers

They’re still huge fans of other K-Pop groups!

Just because K-Pop artists become famous doesn’t mean they stop being fans of groups and idols that came before them. Oftentimes an artist will show their love and appreciation for other K-Pop groups through performing covers of their songs, whether they’re original or remakes/medleys of the songs! ATEEZ is a rookie group that has covered numerous groups’ songs through their short time in the industry, and has done amazingly with their performances. Here are 13 times that they proved both their adoration for other groups as well as their performance skills through covers!

1. EXO: “Growl”

The members even dressed nearly identical to EXO in their original music video!



2. BTS: “Fake Love”

ATEEZ members are known to be huge fans of BTS, and impressive dance covers such as this one really show their love for the group! San and Wooyoung did a great job of this iconic choreography.



3. BTS: “Idol”

Here’s another BTS dance cover that was covered by Mingi and Yunho!

4. NCT U: “Baby Don’t Stop”

San and Wooyoung were back at it again with another duo cover, this time the infamously sexy song from NCT’s Ten and Taeyong.

5. NCT U: “Boss”

And yet another cover by Mingi and Yunho, also covering an NCT U song with “Boss” and absolutely killing it.

6. SHINee: “View”

ATEEZ performed this impressive dance and vocal cover of SHINee’s “View” during a mash-up at the 2019 MAMA Awards!


7. BTS: “Fire”

ATEEZ covered BTS’s “Fire” while on tour in the U.S., with all of the members breaking into the dance eventually.

8. SHINee: “Sherlock”

Another SHINee cover that ATEEZ covered wonderfully, both with their dancing and vocal abilities!


9. Wanna One: “Energetic”

San and Wooyoung did one final duo cover near ATEEZ’s debut when they performed past idol group Wanna One’s “Energetic”.

10. Block B: “Very Good”

Block B and ATEEZ are technically under the same label, so it’s not a surprise that they covered one of the older group’s songs and killed it!



11. BTS: “Blood Sweat & Tears”

The group also included this popular BTS song into their medley at the 2019 MAMAs, though a full cover of it would be incredible to see.


12. Wanna One: “Burn It Up”

Like San and Wooyoung, Mingi and Yunho shared their love for this group by performing the energetic hype song “Burn It Up”.

13. NCT 127: “Kick It”

This is a recent more casual cover, but San and Seonghwa have clearly been working hard on learning NCT 127’s latest comeback!


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