14 Funniest Misconceptions ARMY Believed When They First Started Stanning BTS

How many members are there again?

When we first get into a K-Pop group, especially one that has been around a couple of years already, there’s a lot to take in and learn! Sometimes it can even end up being quite confusing, to say the least. Here are 14of the funniest things ARMY believed when they were first stanning BTS.

1. Thinking that there are only 2 vocals in BTS

2. Agust D is the 8th member of BTS

3. V and Taehyung were the same person

4. Confusing Jin and Jimin because of the similar names

5. Being able to recognize them by hair color

6. Thinking that we were special

7. Trying to figure out what BTS is an acronym for

8. Who is this Taekook member?

9. Bang PD is a member of BTS

10. ARMY is a group of fans, and each one of us a soldier

11. Jin and Jungkook are brothers

12. Purple? I only know Borahae

13. Why does it say there are only 7 members when there’s RM, Rap Monster, Namjoon, J-Hope, Hoseok, Hobi, Suga, Yoongi, Agust D, Lil Meow Meow, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, V, and Taehyung?

14. Rap Monster left the group



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