14 K-Pop Idols That Are So Talented, Fans Wonder Why They Weren’t Snatched Up By A “Big 3” Company

These idols are all incredibly talented and are also super visuals!

In K-Pop, the Big 3 companies- SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment, are known for having extremely talented idols who also excel in the visual department. Of course, these attributes are not limited to these companies, but they’re known for having tons of trainees, with only the best being able to debut under the agency. Idols are always stunning fans and netizens alike with their visuals and talents, and some are so good, fans wonder how they weren’t snatched up by the Big 3 companies as trainees! Here are 14 idols who debuted with other groups, who fans believe have the visuals and talents to have debuted with the Big 3 companies!

1. LOONA’s Heejin

When LOONA‘s Heejin appeared as a contestant in the survival show MixNine, netizens were absolutely blown away by her incredible talent and equally stunning visuals! She was such a triple threat, fans wonder how she became a trainee under Blockberry Creative, and not under a bigger company!


2. ELRIS’s Sohee

ELRIS‘s Sohee is another idol who’s so well-rounded in the visual and talent departments that fans can’t help but wonder how she didn’t catch the eye of bigger companies! She participated on K-Pop Star 6 and finished second, and after a few years of training, made her debut as the leader, main vocalist, lead dancer and visual of ELRIS in 2017, under Hunus Entertainment!


3. Weki Meki’s Yoojung

As soon as viewers got a glimpse of Choi Yoojung‘s talents on Produce 101, they immediately knew she’d be a strong contender for a spot on the final debut lineup for I.O.I.! Yoojung didn’t disappoint, and showed off her incredibly strong singing, rapping and dancing skills, all while looking super adorable with her cute visuals! She placed third on Produce 101 and debuted with I.O.I. in 2016, and with the conclusion of their activities, made her second debut with Weki Meki in 2017 under Fantagio as the group’s main rapper and main dancer!


4. Apink’s Park Chorong

Apink‘s Park Chorong auditioned for JYP Entertainment in the past, and made it to the final round of auditions before she was unfortunately eliminated. She eventually joined Play M Entertainment (formerly ACUBE Entertainment), and after a few years of training, made her debut as the leader of Apink!


5. IU

IU is such a gorgeous and talented queen, it’s a wonder how she wasn’t scouted by a big agency! The story of her being rejected from JYP Entertainment auditions is quite well-known, and many fans can’t believe that she didn’t debut under a Big 3 agency. She eventually found her way to LOEN Entertainment, and after a few months of training, made her debut as a solo artist in 2008!


6. LOONA’s JinSoul

Another LOONA member to catch the eyes of fans is JinSoul, and with her incredible talents and visuals, fans are really scratching their heads over she wasn’t a big agency trainee recruit! JinSoul is one of the visuals of her team, is also a rapper, vocalist and dancer, and fans are always super impressed with her performances!


7. Weki Meki’s Kim Doyeon

Weki Meki’s Kim Doyeon is another member of the group who fans were incredibly surprised wasn’t a trainee at a big agency. As a participant on Produce 101, she immediately caught the attention of netizens for her striking visuals and unreal proportions, along with her smooth talents! With Doyeon, fans are sure that she would be a great fit anywhere, and would’ve done amazing as a Big 3 trainee/artist!


8. (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon

(G)I-DLE‘s Soyeon is a such a powerhouse of talents, fans can’t believe she wasn’t signed by a Big 3 agency. She participated in Produce 101 and Unpretty Rapstar, eventually signing on as a trainee under CUBE Entertainment. She can rap, sing, dance, and produce, and fans are certain that she’s an idol that agencies definitely regret rejecting!


9. gugudan’s Kim Sejeong

gugudan‘s Kim Sejeong first gained attention from netizens as a participant on K-Pop Star 2, and fans can’t believe she wasn’t signed to a big agency! With her participation on Produce 101, she immediately drew attention again for her incredible talents and visuals, and finally finished in second place, debuting as the main vocal of I.O.I. in 2016! She then made her second debut as the main vocalist of gugudan in 2017 under Jellyfish Entertainment, and has also enjoyed a thriving solo career as a singer!


10. IZ*ONE’s Kwon Eunbi

IZ*ONE‘s Kwon Eunbi gained lots of attention on Produce 48 for her talents and visuals, and eventually made it to the final lineup of IZ*ONE, debuting as the group’s leader, main dancer and lead vocalist! She’s currently a trainee under Woollim Entertainment, and fans believe she has the talent to make it anywhere!


11. MAMAMOO’s Solar

MAMAMOO‘s Solar has the visuals, vocal and dancing talent that has established her as a powerhouse idol, and fans wonder how she wasn’t snatched up by a big agency! She joined RBW Entertainment in 2011, and after training for three years, made her debut as the leader and main vocalist of MAMAMOO!


12. Dreamcatcher’s JiU

While all the members of Dreamcatcher are incredibly talented, fans wonder how JiU was passed up as a trainee of a big agency! She’s incredibly gorgeous, got the dance skills and vocals that are nothing short of top-tier, and is also adorable, with a charming personality! Fans truly believe that HappyFace Entertainment truly lucked out with the trainees who ended up debuting as the dream team that is Dreamcatcher!


13. IZ*ONE’s Minju

As soon as IZ*ONE‘s Minju was introduced as a Urban Works trainee on Produce 48, netizens were immediately smitten with her beauty! With each appearance, Minju made improvements to every skill set she has, and with her top-tier visuals, fans believe she could have easily been recruited into a Big 3 agency!


14. Kim Wooseok

Kim Wooseok was a participant on Produce X 101, where he managed to make it to the final lineup of now-disbanded X1, and debuted in the group as the lead vocalist and visual! Prior to debuting with X1, he debuted as the vocalist and visual of UP10TION in 2015, under TOP Media! Fans believe that with his talents and visuals, he would have fit in very well at a Big 3 agency!

Source: Reddit