14 Lyrics That Make Super Junior’s “House Party” Our Quarantine Anthem

There are many references to the current global situation!

Super Junior has just released their 10th studio album, The Renaissance, after the initial date was postponed.

The group is also back with the title track “House Party,” and many people are already praising it for being the perfect track for the current COVID-19 situation. Touching upon the social distancing measures and the idea of sticking together, the group has tried to create a positive song for their fans during these hard times.

Here are 14 lyrics from “House Party,” which make it the perfect quarantine anthem!

1. “The time for freedom has stopped; let’s applaud for the hard work of the past.”

2. “Is it over? (No) Did we overcome it? It’s not over yet.”

3. “The patience is coming close to its limit. Everyone is about to explode.”

4. “Let’s get through it together.”

5. “Let’s put aside our feelings of wanting to be together for a while.”

6. “According to the newly created rule, great manners to protect each other.”

7. “The world where everyone is connected without any physical contact.”

8. “Stuck at home? What will everyone be doing?”

9. “The ordinary days we took for granted have become our own bucket list now.”

10. “Not wearing a mask; that’s nonsense!”

11. “Perhaps we’re paying the price for the past days of freedom.”

12. “Stuck at home? it is dangerous outside for the time being.”

13. “The small deviation I enjoyed, the butterfly effect has gone out of control.”

14. “In a completely different world we now live in, we absolutely need two hands to hold together.”

You can watch the whole video on Super Junior’s YouTube channel!

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