14+ Male Idols Set To Return From The Military In 2024

From BTS’s Jin to WINNER’s Mino, fans cant wait to see these stars back.

The year 2024 is set to be a thrilling time for K-Pop fans as a number of male idols are scheduled to complete their mandatory military service.

This period of enlistment, often seen as a rite of passage, temporarily halts the careers of these beloved stars, leaving fans eagerly anticipating their return. As these dates draw nearer, let’s dive into the specifics of their enlistment and discharge and count down the days until we can welcome them back on stage.

1. BTS’s Jin

Jin took a hiatus from his musical career to serve in the military, enlisting on December 13, 2022. His expected discharge date is June 12, 2024, marking a significant moment for BTS fans worldwide.

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2. BTS’s J-Hope

J-Hope followed suit, enlisting on April 17, 2023. His discharge is scheduled for October 17, 2024, and he is ready to bring back his unique energy and charisma to the stage.

3. GOT7’s Jay B

Jay B began his military service on February 2 of this year and is set to complete it by November 1, 2024. His return is eagerly awaited by GOT7 fans.

4. GOT7’s Jinyoung

Jinyoung joined the military ranks on May 8, 2023. His fans are counting down until his discharge on November 4, 2024, anticipating his acting and musical ventures.

5. Wonho

The much-loved solo artist started his military service on December 5, 2022. His discharge is due on September 4, 2024, a day eagerly awaited by his global fanbase.

6. WINNER’s Mino

Mino, known for his artistic prowess, enlisted on March 24, 2023. His discharge date is set for September 22, 2024, when he will resume his creative pursuits.

7. WINNER’s Seungyoon

Seungyoon began his military service on June 20, 2023. Fans eagerly anticipate his return to the music scene on December 20, 2024.

8. MONSTA X’s Minhyuk

Minhyuk took a career break for his military duties starting April 4, 2023. His discharge date is October 3, 2024, a day when Monbebes will rejoice.

9. SF9’s Jaeyoon

Jaeyoon embarked on his military journey on March 21, 2023. His discharge is planned for September 19, 2024, and fans are excited for his return.

10. VICTON’s Sejun

Sejun began his military service on June 13, 2023. His expected discharge on December 12, 2024, is keenly awaited by fans of VICTON.

11. VICTON’s Seungsik

Seungsik entered the military on May 20, 2023. His return to the stage will be on September 19, 2024, much to the delight of his fans.

12. VIXX’s Ravi

Ravi took a hiatus for his military duties starting October 27, 2022. His discharge is anticipated on July 26, 2024, when he will return to his musical endeavors.


Y commenced his military service on March 20, 2023. Fans are eagerly counting the days until his discharge on September 19, 2024.

14. B.A.P’s Youngjae

Youngjae started his military service on November 8, 2022. His return to the music industry is expected on May 7, 2024.

15. Ha Sungwoon

The former WANNA ONE star began his military service on October 24, 2022. His fans are eagerly awaiting his discharge on April 23, 2024, ready to welcome him back with open arms.