14 Times SEVENTEEN’s Editors Made Them Into Perfect Meme Material

You’ll be using a few of these, if you haven’t already.

With thirteen different personalities in one single group, SEVENTEEN has all the charms and talents anyone could wish for. Add their humor and how they can make any situation funny in Going SEVENTEEN, they have it all.

As if they weren’t funny enough, their editors make them even funnier. See the times where they went above and beyond by creating the perfect memes, gathered from Twitter user @laughsvt.

1. When you’re feeling all the feels

2. Looking at the price after wanting to buy something

3. When reality is just too hard to face

4. Watching your friends act childish

5. Having your entire day ruined by one thing

6. When you have to do something you already wanted to do

7. You don’t like what you’re seeing

8. Becoming the meme

9. No need explanation needed

10. When you’re in a good mood, anything goes

11. On your way to derail a whole conversation

12. Act happy, and you’ll be happy. At least, that’s the theory…

13. Not wanting to do it, but having no choice

14. How you look before roasting TF out of someone

For just about any situation, Going SEVENTEEN has a meme for it.